The Police Service Commission says the Police and other security Agencies should exhibit the highest level of patriotism in ensuring that both voting Nigerians and voting materials are safe and secured and that an atmosphere of security and safety pervades throughout the voting environment in the country.

The Commission also charged the security Agencies to ensure that Nigerians can freely vote and that their votes count.
It believes that the success of the 2023 General Elections depends largely on the commitment of the Police and other security Agencies on election duty.
The Commission calls for inter Agency collaboration and synergy so that there will be visible unity in the conduct of the security Agencies.
The Commission notes that Nigerians look forward to the security Agencies for the motivation to step out and exercise their franchise.
Meanwhile the Commission’s Monitors have arrived their duty posts across the nation and have been part of all the pre election activities in the states. They will also participate in both the Security control room activities and the civil society situation rooms
Acting Chairman of the Commission, Justice Clara Bata Ogunbiyi, JSC rtd CFR, National Coordinator for the exercise has called on the Commission’s Monitors to ensure that they exhibit a high sense of professionalism in their conduct and that they should not in any way compromise on standards set for them.
Justice Ogunbiyi said the Commission will decisively punish any Staff who involves him/herself in any negative act.
 She prays for God’s protection of all in the service of our fatherland.
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