You’re probably wondering why the heck any good wife would pray for her husband to remain poor or revert to being a pauper.

A lot of women think it’s a curse for a man to be rich and handsome.

Can you blame them?

One moment the guy is poor, caring, and faithful, the next he is rich and changing mistresses like babies’ diapers!

Babes are the curses that trail and dogged footsteps of rich men. It becomes an added headache or heartache, depending on how you choose to look at it, if the guy is not just rich, but handsome too.

To be a rich guy in Nigeria is a sin, a problem really. Whether the guy likes it or not babes will chase him down a rabbit hole.

Nay, they are not really after his handsome physic, but after his dough!

These babes are no fools…they know that most times, to calm and ride a horse, you have to feed it sugar cubes. To get to the guy’s dough, they have to butter him up, and then give him the ride of his life.

A ride that will make him dizzy and his balls hopping in pleasure.  Some babes are just too damn good in bed!

Therefore, most housewives pray their husbands never encounter such dangerous babes.

They are babes that can make a guy start speaking in tongue after they finished winding him in bed.

When they handle a guy in bed…especially if they are the person riding the guy, you’d think they were dancing to a silent makossa gyration.

Believe me; we have a lot of desperate babes in this country. What with the staggering unemployment rate and tertiary schools churning out graduates every year, coupled with natural innate greed to belong to a level.

A level which they really know they cannot and could never belong to in a million years.

If a guy has a good job and a car, woe betides such a guy. They’ll chase him until he succumbs.

Many of these babes are shameless and no matter the number of times the guy brushes them off, they’ll always come back with a new strategy and ammunition.

Their motto: Nothing is impossible…if there’s a will, there’s a way!

And if you’re a guy and think you have principles, wait until they get you on their radar screen…you’ll be toad for supper!

They’ll dismantle your principles, slide a chain around your willy-nilly candy bar and ask you if that was all the puny resistance you had to offer.

Yeah, I heard you loud and clear!

What the heck is Juliana Francis rattling and prattling about this time?

You can stop pretending to be unaware of where I’m heading to!  You can stop rolling your eyes and grimacing that Juliana has come again.

I have something to say, and you sit up and listen!

Yeah, I’m talking about babes who will go to any length to nail a rich guy.

These days, to be a rich guy is almost like a curse….to be poor and handsome, is also a curse, albeit, not as bad as the curse of being rich and handsome.

If you’re rich and handsome, babes won’t stop giving you the green light. If you pretend to be obtuse, they tell you to point blank.

Believe me, some gentlemen think it’s bad, ill-mannered, or lacking good breeding to say no to babes who chase and woo them.  They give in to the tempting, luscious curves of these daughters of Eve.

These men later say: “She was the one that was asking for it.”


They had actually underestimated the plot and orchestration of the babe. Never underestimate a babe that comes after you. You just never know what she might plan or has in store for you!

To be rich has become a curse. No matter how hard a rich guy tries to fly away from temptation, the daughters of Eve, in their nipples pouting transparent blouses, will not allow such guys to be.

Rich guys have become an endangered species.

A good number of babes will do anything and everything to have a guy who is rich and have a car.

The ultimate is for him to have enough dough to care of them. In fact, I heard that commercial cyclists are even now beginning to have women fighting and squabbling over them.

This means that cyclists’ business is now lucrative.

There was a time I saw two babes engaged in a serious street brawl over a cyclist. Each claimed the guy was her lover. And I wondered, what the hell…either the guy is a bomb in bed or he dishes out dough to sweeten a girl up to make her keep coming for more.

It’s a simple female psychology.

As a wife, you ask yourself if it was better for him to have remained poor, rather than rich. You remember how loving, attentive, and caring he used to be before he became rich.

You remembered that when the dough was not there, he used to come home early from the office, and sits in his favourite chair to watch television with you and the kids.

He noticed little things about you; like the fact that you had not fixed your hair, or polished your nails. And let’s not forget the most crucial, the sex!

The sex was simply da bomb!

Sometimes when he looks at you and the kids, he wished he could provide better for you all. Then you begin to pray for God’s favour to locate him.

Then he gets a job…maybe a promotion…contract and this happens…


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