Dear Juliana,

I write with reference to your last write-up: ‘My Reverend wants to Ball.’

I really praise the smartness of the lady in question and the fact that she knows her left from her right and what exactly she wanted in a marriage.

I also praised her courage and the fact that she is standing up in total defense of her marriage by refusing to heed the advances of the Reverend.

If she had given in, it would have destroyed her marriage in the end. And all that she had laboured for, would have been destroyed too.

It’s a pity what Nigerian society has become, with every Tom, Dick, and Harry becoming a pastor and Reverend.

Most people are so gullible to trust everything these men say, hook, line, and sinker. Most illiterate see every pastor figure as a semi-god.

They believe everything they say must be from God directly, whereas they are hearing from nobody!

The pastors and Reverends we have around are womanizers, cheats, crooks, and fraudsters. They are all after money!

There are stories of big-time randy pastors making the pages of newspapers.

Pastors, whose marriages are presently in disarray, due to their randy nature in the name of Jesus.

I would suggest the following for the lady;

She should stop all forms of contact or communication with this reverend. The truth is that they have diverse points of view with regard to their friendship. While the lady wants to have a respectful platonic friendship, the reverend wants a sexual sort of friendship

The Reverend is out for his selfish ends. He does not respect his position and profession. He is never sent by God but his main mission is to destroy homes.

This lady should have good friends who would add positively to her life, both in values and morals, otherwise, any sort of friendship or relationship that is not good should be discarded.

She should be open and tell her husband truthfully the position of things with this reverend and together with her husband, they should take a stand by banning him from coming to their home or having anything to do with their personal lives because he does not mean well.

The reverend’s wife should be informed and made aware of what her husband is up to. And he should be called to order.

If the reverend wants to ball, he should choose other means and ensure that his name is the only one that would be tarnished in the long run.

What I mean is that if he wants to ball, there are call girls, all over the place.  There are motels and brothels all over the place; with good money, he should be able to have a good time without deceiving anyone.

The church and our present society are so full of foolish reverends and pastors and bishops, and evangelists.

They can fool anyone who is ignorant and gullible.


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