Did you hear that? Sex! It’s always sex!

Did you say some is juju?…don’t even go to that lane…wetin he dey do wey juju catch am?

I just don’t get why men technically don’t want their wives…

Who treat their wives shabbily…even beat them sometimes…usually get worked up when she begins to show interest in another guy.

These men cheat on their wives, yet would have a cardiac attack when or if the little wife dares to do the same.

Talk of double standard!

What is good for the goose should jolly well be good for the gander!

I just can’t get understand why such men spend so much money on their mistresses, yet repeatedly used the mantra, “I don’t have money…I don’t have money…” at home with their wives and children.

Who has the right to his money?….the woman who had borne him kids and needs money to take care of them…or the one he is still banging outside the home front, who has nothing to gain or lose if anything happens to the idiot?

You’re the jury for this moment; please judge the case before you today!

I just don’t get why some men these days stupidly make their mistresses their next of kin…while their wives and children are still alive!

A true life story…is happening now… The guy has three kids and a lovely wife.

The reasons he took to having an extramarital affair are yet unknown…but believe me, there are always reasons why they start extramarital affairs.

Some of the reasons are real and fabricated and others are imagined. The idea behind the reasons is to soothe and salve the conscience.

He started having affair…and as I said earlier, his wife is a million dollars in looks and shape compared with his mistress…

Nay! It’s not just Juliana Francis that said it…everybody and anybody who had seen the wife and mistress came up with the same verdict.

Yes, the wife fine pass ojare!

The point of this story is that recently, it was discovered that the bobo changed his next of kin in his business dealings and bank documents from his first son to his mistress!

Phew! How dumb can a guy be? Apparently a million times mugu!

So if he suddenly drops his stupid head in death, while in action with his mistress, his wife carters for the kids with what?

God! How stupid can a guy get? I feel like spanking this guy!

Hum!…men! You know them…I know them…their thinking faculties…their senses…begins and ends with their one referee and two linesmen sheath inside their trousers!

When the referee and two linesmen begin to act up at the sight of a new match, they tend to behave like fools!

I just don’t get why some of them insist they can’t eat only ogbono soup…

They get all turgid, with sinews standing on end with excitement just thinking of seeing their mistresses than their wives…

I just don’t get why they feel they’ve given their wives everything, so the wife shouldn’t complain that they are having affairs…

Show me a woman who would be happy to share her man’s manhood with another and I’ll show you…complete the statement yourself.

I just don’t get why they prefer to go to parties with their mistresses, but rather die than take their wives to such parties and clubs.

Many of them insist their wives’ boobs have gone saggy thus they want boobs that are still standing stubborn and proud….thus they seek for a mistress who has what is missing or deflated in their wives.

They forget they are part of the reason their wives’ boobs are bowing down in defeat…they’ve suckled her boobs to total submission…and what about their kids…do we need to regale you, nice folks, with the sort of warfare those kids carried out on those breasts?

It was a battle that even the boobs knew they stood no chance.

I just don’t get why the guy is always frowning and wearing a stern countenance when he is in the car with his wife…and yet when he is in the same car with his mistress, he plays with her…fondles everything ‘fondle-able.’  What has the mistress got that the wife doesn’t?

Why he is so patient with his mistress…respects her…yet simply can’t stand his wife…loses patience with her…snaps at her at every point and treats her like slime?

I don’t get why when they begin to indulge in extra-marital affairs, they start acting funny at home…picking quarrels over any slightest issue.

They become mean to their wives…many even take to hitting their wives.

I just don’t get why once they begin these illicit affairs; their wives become the witch in the unfolding love triangle.

They tell their mistresses unbelievable, damaging stories about their wives.

How she was never his choice…how she trapped him into marrying him by getting pregnant…how he didn’t love or want her but had anyway, because his parents picked her out for him…how she’s horrid in bed…how she’s dirty…how she’s frigid in bed, how she used to starve him of sex, how she hates sex…

God! The lists and complaints are endless!

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