These women allow their lovers to bang them left, centre, and forward, then come home to complain of headaches when their husbands say it’s time for action.

They even allow their lovers to fling their legs to angle 90…for easier and better penetration during bedmatic, yet refuse to give their husbands the same treat, satisfaction, and latitude!

They always seem to have these mysterious headaches when it’s time to have sex with their man.

They’re always tired for no reason, and of course, they’ve had a very difficult and tiring day at the office, their bosses were slave drivers that day…the traffic was simply hellish that day, and so on and on…

What have I left out?

I just don’t get why they have to collect money from their husbands to give to their lovers.

Of all stupidities, that beats me the most!

I mean, it’s bad enough that you’re cheating on your husband, but to sweeten your lover by giving him your husband’s money is not just hitting below the belt, it’s just sickening!

Do you even need to give him money?

After all, he’s banging you…what else does he want? Some guys are so shameless!

They must have travelled out of Nigeria when Baba God was sharing shame and pride.

If he’s collecting your husband’s money, and still bangs you, what then is he contributing to the union?

His prowess in bed?

God sister! Did you guys hear her?…she said his prowess in bed…is that the only thing you want out of the affair?

I bet most of you remembered the story I told you of a guy who left his young wife and four children in Nigeria and went to Germany to seek a fortune.

I heard the guy worked like a donkey to make sure he sent money home…erase that…delete it! I didn’t hear…I investigated that story myself…I spoke with the guy myself.

He went to the village and looked around the gardens there. He plucked the best of the fruits. She was naïve looking and pretty. He was a business guy…there was money…the babies came one after the other.

Then his business nosedived …he discussed with his wife…told her his plan to try for greener pastures in Germany…the wife was understanding…a good wife is a rare commodity!

Before things went bad financially, he had built a house…it was a massive structure at Okota, Lagos State. This was where he left his wife and kids.

I can’t precisely recollect how long he stayed, but it was for a long time…leaving his young wife…was he stupid or what?

Whatever…the bottom line was that his wife soon took a lover. The husband bought and sent several cars to Nigeria,  working in different factories.

Her lover assisted her in selling and spending the money realised from the sales of the cars.

At a point, they started building a superb structure at Ajah, with the money sent by the husband. I even took out time to go to Ajah to see the building.

It was the husband’s relations that hinted to him that his wife was living in his home with a strange guy…that the guy even used to display proprietarily air around the house when the husband’s relations were around.

Needless to say, before the guy ran back to Nigeria, to see things with his korokoro eyes, the lovebirds had flown the nest.

The lovers sold the mansion at Okota, and prepared four international passports for the children, using the woman lover’s surname.

When the guy came to me, to write his story, he was wearing bathroom slippers of all things!

He looked tattered, beaten, and defeated. His shirt hung on his emaciated frame, while his trousers dragged on the dusty ground, sweeping areas that LAWMA personnel apparently hadn’t done a swell job of.

If you see him, your heart will go out to him.

When he came to me, he had not seen his children, he was desperate, and he even wept. He said he treated his wife like a queen and all he got was…hum!

I guessed what hit him most was the realisation that he didn’t have a dime to start a legal battle with his wife and her lover, while they had enough of the ‘husband’s’ money to get the best lawyers.

Ironies of life!

I called him a fool in my heart, but he was the person who shot himself in the leg. He dung his own six feet hole.

Who send am message to go to Germany, leaving a young wife alone for the sharks and wolves in Nigeria? Oh, did I tell you guys that he was almost twice her age, while the wife’s lover was closer to her age?

I believe that age counts and matters in bedmantics performances, but some guys told me it’s not true, so let’s leave the matter here!

To be continued

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