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The Nigeria Police Force Spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, has commended a Police Inspector, Tobi Kulani Kanadi, attached to Police Mobile Force 44, Force Headquarters, Abuja, for being a worthy ambassador and for his thoughtfulness in sacrificing a cash sum of N2,000, the maximum daily allocated, for a health worker he met on a long ATM queue at National Hospital Abuja.

According to Adejobi, the health worker needed to make a withdrawal before proceeding to attend to some medical emergencies. The plea of the health worker to others in the queue had fallen on deaf ears.

Adejobi said: “Looking out for the people we serve remains part of our policing values, and it’s heartwarming to see this exemplified by Inspector Tobi. We are continually committed to upholding the lofty tenets of compassionate and professional policing in our encounters with members of the public. Inspector Toju, we commend your exemplary gesture as a good ambassador of the Nigeria Police Force.”

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