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The Nigeria Police Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, today 25th of March 2023, said that the Force had taken disciplinary action against junior policemen who tried to force a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Joe Dan Arumse, Commander of 23PMF Lagos State, out of office following the elapsing of his retirement date.

According to the Force image maker, the behaviour of the junior officers was not a reflection of the ethics and tradition of the NPF.

He stressed the Police tradition, among many things include, including honouring and respecting officers, both serving and retired.

It will be recalled that junior officers, in the video, believed to have been recorded by one of them, showed them disrespectfully shouting at Arumse.

Arumse was said to have retired on the 15th of March 2023, but rather than graciously handover to his deputy, and vacating the office, he had sat tight and allegedly continued to handle cases.

In a terse statement, Adejobi said: “We condemn indiscipline, unprofessionalism in NPF. The Force has condemned the actions of some officers of the 23 PMF Lagos in a video that went viral, where they challenged the retired commander of the squadron recently. The Force has taken necessary action against the indicted officers. The act doesn’t represent the ethics and tradition of the NPF, as we honour and respect officers, both serving and retired in the NPF. We will continue to uphold the core values and code of conduct of the NPF.”

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