Now, just hold on a minute.

This topic was not my idea!

It’s the idea of a group of male journalists.

I overheard them discussing how poor men will pay for N1000 worth of sex, but end up almost balling the babe to death. Balling more than N3000 worth of sex.

I never knew sex has a monetary value attached to it until I overheard such enlightening and illuminating discussion.

You know that in life, we learn every day. I learned a lot that day. Nigerian guys are damn good educationists!

Don’t mind me…the naira worth on sex was not from me. It was from these men…yeah, the men I overheard discussing the aggressiveness of poor guys in bed with their partners.

Their argument was almost convincing.

According to them, poor men lack so many and little pleasures of life, that they seemed to grab unnecessary things in life.

These male journalists said that it was due to poverty, that such men end up having seven or more children.

Sex with their wives is the only fun menu in the home. It is also noticeable among men that do not have jobs.

One of the journalists, a journalist with Daily Trust, crowned the argument with an event that happened in the Southeast Governor’s forum.

Hear him: “I went there as a journalist. It was Governor’s Forum. The governors usually were entertained by girls. These girls are mostly undergraduates. These governors are supposed to have sex with these girls after their deliberations, but the truth is that many of them hardly ever touch these girls.

“That’s the way of rich men. They may just sleep with the girls for the night…just enjoy their company and in the morning, they’ll give them N100,000 or N200,000. Once they’ve collected their dough, the girls will be off to their campuses.

“Governors who bothered to ball these girls, just go on one round and start snoring their heads off. So yes, back to my argument, rich men don’t ball much. At least, not like the world is about to end, like they’re going to kill the girl under them like they want to milk every of their paid penny out of her. Nope, that’s poor men’s style.

“But if a poor guy balls a girl, you’d know! He’ll want to go on several rounds. Some of them cane girls like their very existence depends on it. At that Governors’ Forum, many of these politicians, used to come with their police aids. These police aids are mostly senior police officers and these aids used to come with their police orderlies.

“So, on this fateful forum, after the meeting, the girls all appeared, but there was a particular one, who was being initiated that day. What I mean is that that was her first day attending such a function. Her friends had told her how these governors will take them into their hotel rooms, will ball them just a round, and give them whooping sums of money. They told her that if she was lucky, the guy who picked her might not even bang her but would still give her money. After the meeting, the governors all picked the girls they wanted. The girls were more than enough, there were still some standing, waiting, and praying to be picked. The happiness of the new girl knew no bounds when one of the men, handsome, good-looking, in an expensive suit, picked her for the night.

“We later heard that throughout the night, the guy didn’t allow her to sleep. He balled her until even his poor one-eyed snake protested in angry hisses. The girl later told everyone who cared to listen that he banged her more than five times before dawn.

“When it was dawn, he walked her out of his room, and feeling magnanimous, opened his wallet and gave her N2000. She almost fainted.

“This was a babe who had been expecting if nothing, at least N500, 000 considering how ruthlessly the guy banged her throughout the night. When she realised the guy was not going to add a dime to the money, she held his expensive suit. He had a bath and dressed in another one of those suits.

“She couldn’t imagine going back to campus, to tell her friends, who would return with N100,000 or N200,000, that she came back with a miserable N2000. She raised her voice, protesting and shouting for everyone to hear. She wanted to embarrass the guy…obviously…but she also wanted to attract attention.

“Thank God for black skin, the guy must turned red in the face, but his skin made it impossible to detect. What was however detectable was his obvious cringing in shame and silent appeal that the ground should just open up and swallow him.

“The noise attracted his superior officer, who dashed out of his hotel room. He shouted, “Sergeant, what’s the matter?”

“Immediately he asked the question, the babe knew she had not fallen into the hands of a governor’s boy.

“She looked at him in shock and said: ‘No wonder…you’re a poor man…that was why you wanted to kill me in the night. I had been wondering, while a rich man would be balling like a poor man. I didn’t know you’re a poor man!

“Sergeant couldn’t tell his superior officer what the heck was going on, but the babe was not so reticent. She spilled the beans. There was a burst of general laughter, and some governors were said to have donated different amounts of money, mainly N50,000 each, on behalf of the sergeant. Sergeant’s boss also gave her something. Needless to say, she later made more money than her friends, but the point here is that poor men ball like poor men, while rich men hardly ball at all! Some of these rich men would just look at a girl’s boobs, allow her to give him a blowjob till he comes, and that’s it for the day! Many of them sometimes derive immense, perverse satisfaction in watching the babe’s nudeness and then pay for watching it. Some will even pay just to watch the babe and another guy have sex in his presence. Those are the little, silly, strange things that thrill them! Weird guys, but if you have the money you can afford to be weird and eccentric.”

Do I need to add anything after what my dear colleague just served you, folks?

Nope? Ha! I didn’t think so!


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