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A Pharmacist, Emeka Ogbonna, has taken to social media to narrate how his son, Obinna, died after being knocked down by a vehicle in Abuja.

He said: “My son, Prince Pharm. Obinna Emeka, registered pharmacist, and writer were knocked down by a vehicle on April 1, 2023, at about 7.10pm at Kubwa.

“He was taken to Kubwa General Hospital immediately and there was no medical doctor to attend to him for close to three hours before a doctor came and referred him to National Hospital.

“At National Hospital, the doctors insisted that he would not be attended to until they had his full body scan and x-ray.

“The body scan and x-rays Machines in the National Hospital were not working and have not been working for close to two years.

“He was taken to a private hospital to obtain the full body scan and when my son, Pharmacist Obinna Emeka, was brought back to National Hospital, it took the hospital medical team close to two hours for documentation before he was taken in for medical attention.

“At this time, his veins had collapsed. The medical team after watching my son gradually stopped breathing came out and announced to his friends and people who brought him to the hospital that they were sorry, my son, the writer, my Prince, my pharmacist who worked with me in our pharmacy till March 31, 2023 could not make it.

“I am in pain. Before his death in National Hospital, Pharmacist Obinna was a prolific writer and pharmacist with Ziga Pharmacy Ltd. He wrote his first book, Ice Age, when he was in primary school.

“In February 2023 he submitted his manuscript for his newest book to a prominent publishing house.

“He was 27 years old. I am in pain. I took my son to Owerri airport on March 31, 2023 from where he flew to Abuja for a meeting and I flew to Abuja on April 2, 2023 to take his corpse back home from the National Hospital mortuary.

“He was full of life.  I have lost my son to incompetence and negligence. Please to prevent further preventable deaths close down National Hospital because it is mainly a death trap.

The writer, HRH Eze Pharm. Emeka Ogbonna, is INYI III of AMAINYI.

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