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The Nigeria Police Force has asked the Special Protection Unit to produce two policemen seen in a video shooting sporadically into the air while guarding their principal a popular northern political singer, Dauda Kahutu Rarara, otherwise known as Rarara.

The first person who commented on the video uploaded on Twitter is Mahmud Galadanci.

He made a snide comment: “All these guards, securities, and gunshots for a ‘singer.’”

In the video, the singer was seen coming out from a hall, where he had apparently met with his fans.

Two policemen, attached to him, cleared a pathway for him, and as the singer entered his vehicle, the policemen started shooting into the air, to the cheering of the singer’s fans.

Another user, Sadiq Jibirin Gadah, who took out time to tag the Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, said: “See how your men are wasting bullets @Princemoye1 over a person like rarara.”

Responding, Adejobi said: “This act is highly unprofessional. We have asked the head of SPU to produce the men. The commander will even answer some questions on this. The men have embarrassed the Police and exhibited their shallow level of professionalism, so they will be sanctioned as soon as possible.”

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