The policemen shooting into the air

The policemen shooting into the air

…Nigerians praise, lampoon Nigeria Police Force

Juliana Francis

The Force Spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, today Tuesday 11th April 2023, said the Police have arrested one Inspector and two sergeants for shooting sporadically into the air in Kano State in order to hype a singer identified as Rarara.

The policemen have been identified as Sergeant Abdullahi Badamasi, who fired a pistol, and Sergeant Isah Danladi, and Inspector Dahiru Shuaibu, who fired a rifle.

Adejobi said: “These are the men caught on the video firing into the air in Kano. They reported today, Tuesday 11th April, at the Force Headquarters Abuja for trial.”

It will be recalled that Adejobi, who first tagged the video of the policemen shooting sporadically into the air in the midst of a crowd, had promised on Twitter that the policemen would be arrested for unprofessional use of their guns.

Adejobi had said that the policemen were shooting recklessly to rub the ego and hype the Kano State singer.

According to Adejobi, the Nigeria Police Force condemned their actions, viewing them as unprofessional and an act of indiscipline displayed by the policemen.

He further promised: “The policemen have been identified and arrested. They will be brought to the Force Headquarters for an interview and necessary disciplinary action. Such, an act is unpoliced and cannot be condoned in any way. So, we appreciate the concern of well-meaning Nigerians and groups who have forwarded the video to us for our attention and action. We will continue to adopt and embrace innovations and ideas that can propel productive turnarounds in the Police.”

While some Nigerians applauded the Police for quickly identifying policemen in the Rivers State saga and the Kano State drama and arresting them, others seized the opportunity to criticize the Police again.

KINGZIZER@kehindeazeez36, said to Adejobi: “How I wish you were there for us when we needed you the most during the election. You would have had my undying support.”

Charles_Emmy@CharlesEmmy19: “Chai, it’s not easy to do all these Sir. I appreciate you immensely. Best PPRO ever (in my book).”

KING SOLOMON@BiyiokeOke, also has something to say: “Very good, all will behave themselves now.”

Dawg @arooluwaseyi96, noted: “Why are their belt missing? I think it should be part of their dressing.”

Taiwo Chimamanda Adebanjo@TaiwoSAdebanjo, stated: “ Nice job! All want is a sane country where all our public and security agencies will be professional but also well catered for.”

Chukwu Ka@Chukwu_Ka_ said: “Why do most policemen exhibit criminal and thuggish behavior, is that a requirement for being in the police force? The entire police force needs serious intervention.”

Augustayo7@Augustayo3, said: “Forgive the man in the middle for actually adopting the actual posture of a regimented police officer who’s facing disciplinary actions, not the two nonchalant officers. Good job sir.”

Distinguished N.T [SayNoTo97%Agenda 2.0] @idmann_mit, has an opinion and shared it: “Inspr. Dahiru Shuaibu is amused it’s a mere drama. He knows that he and his trigger happy, Islamic State imitators will be freed and redeployed to SE. He’s served long enough to know that ACP Danjuma was acquitted of EXJ murder of Apo 6 🇳🇬 ns.”

Daddybubu@Daddybubu, observed thus: “Good. But how about those who threatened an entire ethnic group and actually implemented the threats in Lagos during the March Guber election? Oh, I remember the Police had advised those aggrieved to go to court.”

Obi2023@Beautyqueen0210, shared his suggestion: “We will like you to invite the victim and his lawyer and then civil society organizations to monitor everything about the investigation and outcome if not, no one will take you seriously.”

Ubochi Chidex@chidex500, stated: “Good one. But tbh NPF is not doing much to stop your men from these crimes because there are so many that are not captured on tape and nothing will happen. There should be total sensitization of your officers. As we can see you only act on crimes caught on video. You guys can do better.”

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