…presents N28m cheques to families of slain, injured police personnel

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Idowu Owohunwa, on Tuesday decorated t38 newly promoted senior officers and also presented cheque the sum of over N28 million cheques to the families of slain and injured policemen.

The officers who were promoted comprises 15 Chief Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP),  21Superintendent of Police ( CSP) and two decorated as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)

Owohuwa, while addressing journalists at the Lagos State Police Command’s Conference Hall, Ikeja, said that he was happy to have witnessed the occasion as his personnel were being rewarded since he resumed as the commissioner of police in Lagos

“To my diligent commanders, officers, and those promoted. I think today represents my happiest since my resumption as commissioner of police in Lagos State.

“For various reasons, the pride of being a leader is to see that his personnel are rewarded for their diligence and loyalty in service, and  I think that is exactly what we are witnessing today. As promotion is part of the critical solution to the welfare of Nigeria’s police.

“As our ranks are always visible, it represents a strong source of pride when we are elevated and rewarded, and I don’t know of any other thing that motivates a police officer than being promoted at the right time.”

The CP stressed that the welfare and promotion scheme represents the leadership agenda of the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Akali Baba, and since he came on board, he has been consistent that officers with unblemished records are out forward for promotion subject to vacancies.

He also said: “What we have witnessed today is a phase of the IGP agenda as Lagos state is one of the beneficiaries with a total of 38 senior officers being promoted to the next round.

“As this comprises 15 Chief Superintendent of Police that today will be decorated with Assistant Commissioner of Police and 21 Superintendent of Police, that will be decorated as Chief  Superintendent of Police and two Assistant Superintendent of Police been decorated as Deputy Superintendent of Police.”

The CP further stated that, beyond this exercise,  he is also more elated as the Command is making presentations of N28,585,000 to families of officers that have laid the supreme or that are bearing various injuries.

He added that the money covers group life assurance benefits and the IGP welfare insurance scheme for the 2020 and 2021 years.

“These are critical welfare and motivational initiatives and coming at this time is a great and clear statement to continue to be responsive to personnel welfare On behalf of the Lagos State Police Command, I wish to specially convey our appreciation to the IGP, Akali Baba, as Lagos state does not only compose the highest number of police but also constitute the crop of thrust, diligent and most resilient of this country, as we deal with the most complex set of crime facing a higher level of crimes and challenges. In appreciating the IGP for what he has done today, we want also want to appeal to the IGP for special consideration through his reward programme of the Nigeria police force which can be done through the sustenance of promotion and the average policeman can know he is been rewarded through his service,” CP added.

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