Umar Baban Turai


Juliana Francis

An angry Inspector General of Police, Alkali Usman Baba, has declared the Constabulary Commander, Umar Baban Turai, in Kano State, wanted for parading himself as a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP).

Securitynewsalert gathered that Baba got angry after the Kano State Commissioner Police failed to produce Turai and bring him to Force Headquarters as instructed by the IGP.

Following the failure of the CP to produce Turai, the IGP was forced to make a second pronouncement, declaring Turai wanted.

Turai is a constabulary commander in Kano State, as a rule, is not supposed to wear a conventional Police Uniform, let alone Police Camouflage.

The Constabulary is created to assist the police and only supposed to wear black uniforms, with the insignia of Constabulary added to the uniform to differentiate them from professional police personnel.

Turai, who is apparently yearning and hungry to be seen and addressed as professional Police personnel, sewed the Police camouflage uniform and then finished the dressing by adding the rank of CSP to it.

Nobody is sure for how long Turai has been parading and dressing himself in borrowed robes, but mother luck soon turned her fickle back on him and then the IGP saw pictures of Turai dressed in his full glory of CSP.

“The Constabulary Police is created to assist the Police in their work. The Constabulary is not supposed to wear camouflage or a Police blue uniform. They are only supposed to wear Black uniforms with the insignia of the constabulary. This Umar Baban Turai is the Commander of the Constabulary in Kano State.

“He knew this, but still went ahead to sew the Police Camouflage uniform and then sewed the rank of CSP on the uniform. He snapped pictures of himself and somehow the pictures got to the attention of the IGP.

“The IGP ordered that he should be arrested; this instruction was given to the CP Kano State Police Command, but the CP did not produce Turai and the IGP must give the order a second time to the CP.

“We cannot rule out possible extortion using that uniform. Anyone seeing him will be forgiven to think and believe that he is a real police officer or a Divisional Police Officer (DPO).”

A signal sighted by securitynewsalert, shows the IGP to Kano CP, “To produce one Umar Baban Turai draped in Police Camouflage uniform adorning CSP rank, alleged to be special constabulary officer…The IGP is miffed at the failure to produce the said subject.”

The IGP furthermore stated: “The concerned subject be personally brought for IGP’s interview on Wednesday 26th of April 2023 at 9:am in possession of the said uniform and accouterments.”


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