The Kogi State Government has warned members of the general public to be aware of fake and inciting news as the Kogi Gubernatorial Election draws near.

The Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo, in a statement, urged the public to be wary and vigilant on the antics of mischief makers and ethnic bigots, who stoke the flames of ethnic resentment, division and hate by agents of political desperation, bent on destroying the unity and peace enjoyed by the State.

Fanwo added: “Their unintelligent approach has been to push ethnically divisive words and attribute same to Governor Yahaya Bello in order to incite certain ethnic groups against his person and his administration.

“These statements are not only false but also an ignominy of dragging our state back to the conquered era of ethnic chauvinism.

“Governor Yahaya Bello through his actions, projects, appointments and unifying leadership credentials, has succeeded in building the state into what politics cannot balkanize. We remain a united and prosperous state.

“We urge members of the public to look out for and ignore those inciting falsehoods as well as report those who circulate them to law enforcement agencies. It is clearly the handiwork of politicians who do not have the interest of the state at heart.

“Until his last day in office, Governor Yahaya Bello will continue to work hard to improve livelihood in the state, keep the people united and continue to serve all Kogites irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, and political beliefs. What binds us together is stronger than the desperate wishes of the enemies of the state.”

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