IGP Baba

IGP Baba

An Aba-based Legal Practitioner, Comrade Bar Emperor Ogbonna, has urged the Inspector General of Police to set up a high-powered task force to regulate rights abuses and extortion by police in Aba, Abia State.

According to Ogbonna, “Very early in the morning, men of the Nigerian police would mount the roads at Cameroun Road by East, Tenant Road by East, Ngwa Road by East, George’s by Fire Service, Constitution Crescent by Fire Service, Waterside, Opopo Junction, Pepples Road by Ngwa Road and other parts of Aba and they will be extorting money from motorists

“Right in the public glare, these shameless policemen armed to the teeth would mount the roads and be extorting money from Keke riders and bus drivers without shame.

“Are these policemen not being paid salaries? Go to Abuja and you will see policemen behaving decently, but come to Aba, you see how shameless these policemen will be displaying this high level of Indiscipline and crime on the roads.

“Can it be said that the Police high authorities are not aware of what these boys do every day on the road or is it being done with the consent and arrangements of their bosses?

“This is very unacceptable. These policemen should know that what they are doing amounts to a crime of demanding by menace which is punishable by several years imprisonment.

“It is a pity and very shameful that a policeman that should be preventing crimes are the ones committing crimes right in the public glare. This is shamefully shameful.”

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