By Nnamdi Ikeh-Akabogu (FRSCN)


Before you start the engine to move away, you should:


  • Undertake certain safety checks:

* Water level in the radiator;

* Engine oil in the sump;

* Fan belt tension;

* Tyres.


  • Ensure that you can easily and comfortably reach and operate all the main controls of the car.


  • Check that you can take clear observations to the front of the car through the windscreen and to the rear of the car via the mirrors.




  1. Whether all the doors are closed and particularly whether you have properly closed your door;


  1. Check that you can safely operate all the main controls of the car (i.e. the steering wheel and each of the foot controls);


  1. Check your mirrors to make sure they are properly adjusted;


  1. Fasten your seatbelt and ensure that it is not twisted;


  1. Check the handbrake to see if it is on;


  1. Check the gear lever to see if it is in neutral or if driving an automatic to see if the gear lever is in park (P) or neutral (N) position.




  • Jumping forward while attempting to start the engine with the car in gear.


  • Rolling backwards or forwards while attempting to start the engine due to the handbrake not being on.


  • Adjusting the mirrors or the seating position while moving.


  • Preparing to move away with a door not properly shut.


  • Preparing to move away with a twisted seatbelt.

The traffic expert is DCC Nnamdi Ikeh-Akabogu, DCC Morning and Evaluation (M&E), Special Duties and External Relations (SEDER), FRCC HQ, Abuja.

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