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A Nigerian has taken to his Twitter handle to share with the Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, how some police at Obalede Police Station, Ijebu, marched him to an ATM point and forced him to withdraw and give them N50,000.

The complainant claimed not to have committed any offence before he was stopped and extorted.

Adejobi, who was vexed by the allegation action, has promised to synergise with the Ogun State Police spokesman, to get to the root of the matter, identify the policemen, and if possible refund the complainant.

Some comments following the narration of his experience evidenced that personnel at Obalede Police Station, Ijebu, had become notorious for such illegal practices.

Tweeting under the name of A R R A N G E @Arrange_dmw, the complainant said: “Oga prince, your men did this to me at Obalede Police Station Ijebu.. they took me to the FirstBank ATM machine to withdraw my money without finding anything on me., they sized my phone so I can’t make a video.”

He further stated: “Bro na my last card they collected from me that night and my bike man know those men very well because it was in front of the station they hold me without doing anything.

I said they should give me their account so I can transfer the money, the yellow policeman said no o.. he now said you won go post us for online abi I said no Oga.”

A Twitter user, @oyeyemi_bola, said: “I know of Obalende IJB policemen so well. They do work normally oo but this extortion blood na em Mk God comot for their body.”

@Entparrot noted: “When officers extort using their uniform, it’s an abuse of office, and it’s a crime, until @Princemoye1 starts treating this extortion as a crime, not only disciplinary issues, we can now have improvements in Police.”

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