Grafenberg spots, otherwise known as G-spots are believed to be areas that are sensitive to touch and elicit sexual pleasure. It’s located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall — closest to the belly button.

The G-spot is sexually sensitive and swells slightly during arousal and feels raised or bumpy.

Do you know your G-spots? Do you know your lover’s G-spot for a greater sexual encounter and experience?

Don’t you think you need to find out for a better and more fulfilling sex and love life?

I know a nurse. She’s a friend, who told me that her guy only needed to hold her hands and she’d go wet down there!

Different strokes for different people.

Some guys go gaga once the babe’s teeth begin to nibble and bite at their nipples.

The nipples harden. Other guys, you can chew off their nipples all you want, they’d just be staring as if you’re a bad movie production!

Still, for other guys, their socrum sac is their kick starter.

Just touch it or attempt to suckle or lick it and whoop! They start clutching at your head, demanding more, demanding to be satisfied, demanding to have a release from the agony of pleasure.

God help the babe if he doesn’t break her neck.

Where are your own G spots? Tell your lover now, today, so that you both will have a better and more fulfilled sex life.

If you don’t tell her/him, who will you tell?

The pigeons? I don’t think so!

Most importantly, learn to be a patient lover in bed. Be mindful of your woman’s pains and pleasure. Most babes experience pains during sex because the ‘honey well’ is not well lubricated.

It is good for lovers to know the importance of lubrication during sex. This is because some men are too quick to penetrate the holy of the holies of the woman than putting efforts into lubricating her.

A patient lover is an unselfish lover and an enjoyable one for that matter! Foreplay is important to lubricate your woman.

Cunnilingus is also important if you can get down to it. Cunnilingus is “oral sex performed on a vulva and/or vagina,” explains longtime sex educator Searah Deysach. “It can involve any combination of mouth and tongue on the vulva and/or vagina,” she says.

It entails sucking, licking, flicking, nibbling, biting, etc.

A babe gets wet or lubricated when her guy kisses or touches her G spots.

The wetness is like her open arms, ready, willing, and eager to take you in…foreplay is like knocking on her door… her wetness…like her opening her door for you to enter. Trying to barge into her room, without her consent or without getting her ready, can cause her pain.

You can hurt her without meaning to.

Every guy…every right-thinking guy anyway…wants to see a smile on the face of his lover after a sizzling bedmantic!

If you dig her well in bed, she might even bother to prepare your best meal.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s when a guy that is called John, begins to grin as the babe calls him, “Man Johnny, My man Johnny. Wetin’ you go chop?”

Ha! Ha!Ha!

If you know how to make her come, make her beg for you to impale her with your sword, she will naturally look forward to each moment of making love with you.

If you’re a horrid monster in bed, forget it bros…she’ll look for one and a thousand reasons why she will not be able to come to your apartment, let alone into your arms and bed.

Hey! Hey! Wait a minute…you may be horrible in bed and she still comes around…why?…search me!

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you why. Your money fool!

Certainly not that weapon you’d use to decorate your thighs. If you have it and don’t know how to use it to pleasure a babe, believe me, it’s a decoration and a wasted decoration at that!

I’m thinking maybe I should take you through the stages of foreplay in lovemaking, revealing every intimate detail, in graphic writing. What do you think?

Hey, wait a sec…I’m having this feeling of déjavu…have I done a piece on that before?


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