Dear Juliana Francis, check in one of the paragraphs, you wrote, “If you can make her Come” instead of “cum”.


You may wish to correct that.


I think being in a hurry to satisfy a woman is most men’s greatest undoing.


I also feel it’s because there’s no love inside of the man just mere feeling or infatuation.


For me, it’s very important the man gets himself acquainted with the woman before attempting to have her.


And that can be done through communication, talking with each other most often, and not necessarily on sex matters, but general ideas because most women assess the man through their understanding of his reasoning.


Also, most men don’t like kissing which is what most ladies prefer because it puts them in the mood faster because while kissing, the man’s hands can go from the earlobes to the nipples, and then to the clitoris, making the woman wet heavily. Followed by sucking of the cunt and nibbling of the clitoris.


It’s also a fact that women don’t get easily aroused like the men who are triggered by merely seeing the woman’s endorsements as such the woman needs longer-lasting foreplay that would make her reach orgasms…


When the woman does, fucking her, pardon my language, becomes like mere icing on the cake of lovemaking.


But unfortunately, most men don’t have what it takes early in life until they are getting old and at that time the strength wouldn’t be there again, irony of life Lolz 🤣


It was an interesting read, I wish men would see it and read it with keen understanding.


Do have a nice week ahead and a lovely day too

From Nnamdi

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