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A young man identified as Samson Adams, on the 6th of May 2023, at the Bajulaiye area of Shomolu, Lagos State, was alleged to have died after drinking a bottle of a popular insecticide known as Sniper.

The deceased was described as a member of the Eiye cult member at Akinrinlo Street of Bajulaiye community, Shomolu.

A member of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN), Mr Toyin Okanlawon, said that following the incident, he has decided to create a problem where he would have interaction with people in the community with respect to suicide.

Okanlawon, who was vexed over the needless waste of life, said: “He drank Snipper insecticide. People saw when he threw the empty bottle of Sniper down. People ran after him, but the substance worked effectively.

“He died a few minutes after and was buried on the same day. He was the only child of his father, though his mother has other children for another man.

“The reason for his action was that he went to the lady that had a child for him and wanted to take the six-month-old baby from her, but the lady said he didn’t marry her legally and she was scared of the kind of person he was.

“She was scared that Samson could go and sell or use the baby for ritual. So, she denied him taking the baby away. The following day, Samson claimed someone else was having an affair with his ‘wife.’ The wife put it back to him that they both met on the street and asked him if he was not having affairs with other women.

“Samson felt that with his status on the street, someone else was having an affair with his wife, so he concluded and drank Snipper insecticide to fast track his journey. Some claimed he was cursed by those he has beaten up or done bad to, while some believed it was nemesis that caught up with him.”

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