Abioye and heartford foundation officials

Abioye in the middle

Juliana Francis

The Headfort Foundation (Prison Reform Initiative) has rescued a tricycle rider, Abioye from prison after a false allegation.

Headfort Foundation shared the story of Abioye on their Twitter handle.

The foundation tweeted: “Abioye, a hardworking tricycle rider from Abeokuta, Ogun State, found himself trapped in a nightmarish situation.

“On that fateful day, the 3rd of January 2023, while waiting for his boss near Ogba. Policemen suddenly swooped in, arrested, and whisked him away to Elere Police Station.

“Shocked and confused, he learned that he was a prime suspect in a reported phone theft simply because he happened to be in the area.

“Despite passionately explaining his innocent presence, his pleas fell on deaf ears. Against the principles of justice, Abioye languished for a month and three weeks at the police station before finally being charged in court on the 21st of February 2023.

“He was accused of stealing and granted bail by the court. However, with no family in Lagos to meet the bail conditions, he remained behind bars. March 2023 arrived, and Abioye’s case was called in court.

“Thankfully, our observant lawyers, already present for other matters, noticed his lack of legal representation. Showing immense compassion, stepped forward and took on his case, representing him in court. The wheels of justice turned slowly as the case faced multiple adjournments.

“The prosecution-the Police-failed to produce a single witness to provide evidence against Abioye. The alleged theft charges crumbled under scrutiny, and on the 12th of April 2023, our lawyer applied for the charges to be dismissed.

“The court, recognising the lack of evidence, granted the application, finally setting Abioye free. His experience underscores the crucial role of legal representation in our justice system. Tragically, he endured three months and nine days of imprisonment without facing a fair trial.”


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