Sometimes I wonder if people read some of the things we write…. especially on love life and sexuality.

My thinking is, if they do, there won’t be many problems in marriage and in relationships.
What baffles me is, that women that are educated, stay married to men that aren’t half educated, like them, or than them, but couples that are educated always have issues.
Honestly, the thought of it has been troubling me of late.
I told a senior colleague in Jos last week, she was planning to leave her husband of 28 years, and that it’s difficult for ladies to find easy catches for sexual desires, unlike the man.
With money, a man could sleep with anything, with money a woman won’t because they mostly feel some kind of affection for the man they will admit down there and most men are elusive even with the woman being rich.
And at a certain age, it’s not every woman that would want to sleep with a guy younger than her, most don’t reason it twice, they don’t take it…but men, the younger the better, the older the best…
Lolz 😃
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