A sensible question.
If your babe gives you a blow job, you have to go down on her too. If she makes you attain orgasm, you must make her reach orgasm in that same way too.

Let it be 50-50.
A friend of mine…a guy…told me that during the holidays, he noticed that bedroom life with his wife was beginning to be a routine, boring.

Perhaps because they’d been too busy chasing the affairs of life…who knows why these things happen.

Anyway, it was a holiday, and things usually become slow with businesses and offices. He told me that he made a vow to himself to make her come like she had not done in a very long time.

Naturally, he had to think of a crazy style. He came up with one. It was a sort of amplified doggy style. She gets to put a pillow on the floor…she kneels on the pillow, with her two hands resting on the ground, with palms open flat on the ground, so that her buttocks jut out, propelling her vagina to open clearly for the guy…he mounts like he’s going to lie flat on her back…he makes sure that as he lies, his head is slightly a few inches over hers…then he penetrates, pounding from that position…it gives him access to hit her G-spots, gives him better penetration…needless to say, he said she came like thunder and he was smiling like he won a Grammy award.

She gave him a strange, dazed look and asked him where on earth he learned such wonderful style…Then typical of all women, she wanted to know if he had been practicing with some other women. God! Women! There’s just no pleasing them, is there?

Anyway, the point of this story is that he vowed to make it pleasurable for her and he did. You too can do that! Make your partners claw, bite and moan in pleasure for you. It’s even a great turn-on.
If both of you communicate well, you can even buy sex toys to use on each other, depending on your preferences. Lying naked together, just touching before balling each other is good.

If you lay naked and he lies behind you, also naked…you’d feel him begin to get turgid and turgid. Ha! It’s always a great turn-on for most women, but I don’t know about you.

You can try it today. Just allow his manhood to rub your butt repeatedly, it’ll begin to harden…he could also start by gently kneading your nipples, while you guys chat about every nonsensical subject.

Foreplay is an integral part and aspect of lovemaking. It’s like the appetizer to the main dish or course. Foreplay prepares the body for what is about to come. But sadly many couples, after a few years of marriage, begin to jettison foreplay.

Today is the time to rediscover your love life and put life back into the dead carcass that had become your bedroom life. If you’ve been in the habit of jumping on your woman and plunging into her honey without the special treats necessary, then you’re doing it wrong.

Let me tell you, an average woman loves foreplay. It could rekindle the dying ember of passion in your bedroom life.
Suckling each other…fondling each other…groping each other…are good for the body.
These entire items, mentioned above, make the body…warm…sensual…ready to receive and welcome the being that will complete the partners.

If you’ve been in the habit of making your spouse achieve orgasm only once, try to make him/her come twice or more, if possible.

Most importantly, the best sex could be had when both of you are in the hot, hungry, sex mood. But this mood won’t come without a foregone preparation.

How? Well, you can begin as a babe to learn how to seduce your guy by dressing sexy.
You’re both at home.
Why don’t you wear that transparent blouse…yes, the one that usually shows off your erect nipples to distraction? Why not wear hot shorts which hang just below your butt…you can try bending…make sure you’re bending toward his direction.

It may help him to make up his mind. Indulge in a scented bath…wrap yourself in a large towel…let the towel fall off right under his nose!

Pretend it was a mistake…cream your body in his presence…make him stone hard sister! You can do it! Every daughter of Eve can do it!

Make sure that he knows you’re seducing him… Just looking forward to sex, makes you get that warm, wet, and tingling feeling between your thighs.
Hmmm…I know the feeling…

The most important aspect of spicing up your bedroom life is that it makes couples become physically and emotionally connected and attuned to each other.


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