A journalist from Katsina State, Ruqayya Aliu Jibiya, has narrated how police in the Katsina Command brutalised her.

The lady narrated her story in a viral video, forcing the Katsina Police Command to respond to her allegations.

She narrated her ordeal thus: “I want to share my experience with the police. A few days back, the Nigeria Police, Kastina State Police Command paraded four suspects, young ladies between the ages 19 and 23, claiming they were into prostitution.

“Upon seeing the video, I recorded a TikTok video on my personal TikTok page where I quoted a section in Nigeria’s constitution which I suggested to the police that they should have taken the girls to court before parading them to the press.

“The next day, I received a call from the PPRO Gambo Isah, inviting me to the Emirs palace that he wanted to see me. I was on my way to the palace when Isah with four cars blocked my way and ordered me out of my car.

“They broke my phone, and I sustained injury. They dragged me to the Emir’s palace. On getting to the Emir’s palace, they started narrating to the Emir that I was responsible for looking down on the police and undermining their authority and that I was also responsible for sabotaging their work. The Emir asked Isah to remind me. When I was taken to court. It was late, so I was taken to the area command. After spending like five hours there, my lawyer was able to secure my bail.

“I was granted bail and asked to come back the next day. The next day I went back there and wrote my statement of what happened the other day.

“I was asked again to come back the next day. I went there around 11:am, and I was hoping I would be taken to court but unfortunately, the area commander told me that I would be taken to police headquarters.

“My lawyer was not there at the time, and I was scared going by what happened between I and Isah the other day. They assaulted me the other day, so I was scared and ran for my life. I am currently in hiding because I know that my life is in danger.

“The Police are chasing me and I hope I will be granted justice because I was humiliated and assaulted by the police.”

The Katsina Police Command responded to the allegations raised by the female journalist.

The Katsina Police spokesman, Isah, said: “My attention has been drawn to frivolous allegations made by one Ruqayya on TikTok. In the beginning, I have no intention of joining issues with her. I believe she is looking for cheap popularity to gain followers through her social media handles, especially TikTok. But   For the avoidance of doubt, I want to set the records straight.

“Ruqayya has been using her social media handles to maliciously attack the Nigeria Police Force. You may recall that sometime in 2022, the KTS Police command succeeded in busting a notorious syndicate of armed robbers leading to the arrest of their kingpin, one a k.a. ABBA KALA and his team and the recovery of over 13 stolen motor vehicles.

“He was charged to court on seven different F.I.Rs to High courts in KTS now in prison. But to our utter amazement, Ruqayya came out, through her TikTok and attacked the police that Abba Kala was so innocent that the police lied.

“The command out of maturity refused to join any issue with her on that matter because of her naivety. But recently the KTS metro was faced with incessant attacks by Kauraye, phone snatchers and other crimes. The command swung into action and raided criminal hideouts, including brothels, which led to the arrest of 72 suspected persons.

“Four young women suspected to be sex workers were among those arrested and paraded before the Press. Ruqayya did not appreciate the efforts of the NPF in nipping in the bud, the crimes disturbing the community but took to her usual TikTok and continued to rant at the police for arresting and parading the women. “Subsequently, at a security meeting, I reported her conduct to our traditional father, the Emir. In Katsina, and the north in general, we uphold traditional values and institutions above every other one.

“His Royal Highness directed that she be invited but Ruqayya refused the police invitation, dragged with police officers who exercised restraint, despite abuse and videos, she was recording the police.

“She took them places and kept following her. Before she later decided to follow the police. The Emir as a father counselled her and directed area commander Metro to investigate the matter.

“She called her lawyer and made a statement. She was released on bail but decided to jump bail and escaped the police investigation. She then decided to take to her usual place TikTok where since she has been scouting for sympathizers, alleging that her life was under threat.

“Nobody is looking for Ruqayya to arrest because she was released on bail to a reliable surety and in the presence of her attorney. Ruqayya should learn to be humble and respect the rule of law. Nobody is above the law.”

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