…As Barber alleged policemen of tagging him fraudster, demanding N2m

Juliana Francis

A Nigerian has tagged the Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi on Twitter, narrating how some policemen in the Second Rainbow area of Lagos State, made him step down from the Uber car he was in, accused him of being a fraudster after sighting his phone and then demanded N2m bribed from him.

The Nigerian, with a Twitter handle, @alilmoonn, said that he had never been so scared in his life.

Reacting to his allegation, Adejobi tweeted: “This is receiving attention from the CP Lagos, and I am sure necessary action will be taken.”

@alilmoonn narrated thus: “In my life, I have never been this scared. I was abused today by the men of the Nigerian police. They were four men, plus the driver, I was coming back from the federal registry at Ikoyi, and these men stopped my Uber driver and asked him to open his boot, he did.

“The policemen found nothing. One of them asked me to come down and meet their boss. I did and the boss asked me to enter their patrol car. They carried me and said they wanted to report me to the EFCC, I’m a barber by profession and I have my certificate.

“I’m innocent, these men pressed me to the extent I couldn’t breathe, and I was begging them so I could take the air. They said I was using an iPhone 14 pro max, and that I was into fraud. I swear on my life, I have never done anything like that in my life!

“The policemen said I should pay N2 million. First, they took my phone from me. I couldn’t even reach my mom or family. I told them that I didn’t have up to that amount they requested and I pleaded with them to stop so I could but they never listened! It’s so sad Nigeria.

“So, the man checked my UBA balance and found out I didn’t have such an amount and then they collected N100,000 from me. I did nothing, they didn’t see any fraudulent activity in my phone, the man said if I did not pay, they would beat or take me to the EFCC and then lock me up.

“I was begging. I told them it was my hard-earned money. Nigeria is hard and these men still making it unbearable for us. It’s very sad. They took the N100,000 from my bank. I couldn’t take pictures because they were with my phone.

“I only have the picture of the POS slips. These men were at the Second Rainbow, Lagos State. I need my N100,000 back.”

Other Nigerians who reacted to his narration of the encounter, said  Second Rainbow was a notorious axis for Police extortion.

One of them, I’ϻ ▬▬▬▶SPELLSHA @allienkings, said: “They have extorted my kid brother twice in that second rainbow. The first time they collected 70k and the last time was last month they ripped him also. I called the number on Ben’s pinned message and the DPO said they were not his boys and if only I can identify them he will help me.”

Prophet – Your China plug🇨🇳@hosea_aloysius, also said: “Second Rainbow! Those guys there, I’ve encountered them. I told my passenger not to allow them to shake him up. He ended up giving them N5000.”

Another Twitter user, A.F Adewale @Akewusolaf, stated: “This is a case of when will it be my turn? Nigeria Police wouldn’t change any time soon if the DPO won’t be held liable for their officers’ madness.”

A Relative@SylvesterTheCa8, said: “You see that second rainbow and apple Junction policemen? They are the definition of evil and tyranny. The focking worst.”

𝓔𝔁𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓫𝓾𝓻@__ishola, noted: “Ahhh Second Rainbow? That place is usually flooded with policemen in shuttle buses. They’ve stopped me once.”

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