Stop Violence Against Women, Concept Of Stopping Sexual Abuse An

Stop violence against women, Concept of stopping sexual abuse and rape, Domestic Violence and Trafficking

As a career mother, you and I know that housemaids are necessary evils.

It’s better to employ a lousy one than to leave the kids home alone.

You usually get home late evening, while your husband gets home later.

Most cousins, nieces, and sisters are no longer interested in helping. They have their lives to live too. After all, nobi dem say make you marry and born!

You’re however still useful to your cousins, nieces, sisters, and brothers when they need money. Nonsense!

You don’t want to quit your job; the salaries from your end and hubby’s make the bills easier to handle.

And let’s not forget about the in-laws from both ends. Yeah, definitely, pooling resources from the wife and husband end is important.

There are even single mothers who desperately need to keep their job. They cannot afford not to work. How on earth do they pay the many bills and school fees? How do they pay the home teachers and the after-school lesson teachers?

Thus whether you like it or not, you need a house help. Someone who will be there while you’re at work.

For most married women, they worry about the maids balling their husbands. There’s that possibility; but hey, you’ve got to trust your husband. Cut him some slacks.

Now, this is my thing; it’s bad enough you’re looking for a hired help, to assist with the domestic chores and mind the kids, but must you employ a male help?

I feel sick to my stomach when I see women taking this risky path, to solve a pressing problem. Not that some female house helps do not come with their demons and monsters, but the male helps? Come on!

I’m specifically talking to women with girl-child today.

We’re in the days of unimaginable evil. Grown men, mature men, adolescent men, budding men, crazy men, religious men, and father figure men, for reasons we can’t fathom, are lusting after baby girls and are sexually violating them, uncaring of the criminal consequences or psychological damages to the child.

Mothers read about this every day in national dailies. It’s happening every day. The most trusted person in your household is usually the person who will swoop on your girl-child to rape her.

It’s so bad now that even the kids’ biological fathers can’t also be trusted. The ailment is now affecting even fathers. They swoop on their own daughters, raping and impregnating them.

Knowing now that the world has gone topsy-turvy, and turned upside down, you still go ahead to employ a male to mind your kids, including your girls. It’s like instructing a dog to mind a bone. How safe will that bone be and for how long for crying out loud?

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that all male house help do this. But we can’t be too careful.

My kids are both male, but I watch over them and my female house helps like a hawk. I never cease to question my kids when I return home from the office. We all now know that even female house help sexually violates male and female children.

Some of them are lesbians and can take on your female kids. Those who prefer males can take on your little boy, initiating him into what his body and mind are not ready for. Creating and leaving a damaged mind you may have a herculean task to heal.

I’ve also learned to take everything about people with a pinch of salt. I’m paying attention and listening; don’t mean I believe or I’m happy with you.

Act trustfully, but pay attention to everything and everyone in your household. Be like the hawk; patient and watchful!

My kid sister, Glory has something to say about this subject:

She said: “Some weeks back, I was in a commercial vehicle, and a boy; I suspected should be in his early 20s placed a girl-child on his lap. I couldn’t help noticing the guy. He repeatedly ordered the girl to sit in between his thighs. This means she would be sitting right on his manhood. Every time the girl tries to sit, she gets up immediately. It was clear she found it uncomfortable to sit in between his thighs. The next time he asked the girl to sit properly, I didn’t hesitate to ask him if the girl was his sister. He said they weren’t related. He was just employed to mind her and her siblings.

I put it straight to him that he should stop asking the girl to sit on his manhood. He exclaimed ha! The driver said I was planting ideas in the mind of the innocent guy. But some mothers on the bus quickly grasped what I was saying. Some of them started narrating their experiences.”

Some parents are so busy that they leave their daughters at the mercy of these maids, which to me is not proper. Parents should cultivate this habit of sharing and interacting with their kids, not leaving everything to their maids. If you get your kids to confide in you, you’ll be shocked at what they would tell you. And if you have the money, why not plant CCTV in your home?

Most of the male servants, including the female ones, used to violate kids under their care.

After violating the kids, they would threaten them with death, instructing them not to tell their parents.  But if you and your child are close, he or she will not hesitate to reveal what transpired in your absence.

Glory also narrated: “I can still remember in my school days; one of our lecturers told us about a housemaid his neighbour employed. The couple are managers in different banks. They leave home very early and return late at night. They leave the kids to their maid.

“The couple didn’t know that their kids had not been to school for two terms. The parents had not for a day, asked the kids how they spent their days or what happened in school.

“The maid, apparently from a spiritual realm (Do not laugh. This is Africa and Voodoo is real), initiated the kids and made them not identify with their parents. It was later discovered that the maid, each time her bosses leave home, used to invite other people from their kingdom into the couple’s home. It became their meeting venue.

“On a particular day, the said woman was going to the office late and a neighbour, whose children and her children attend the same school called out to her, asking her why her kids had stopped school.

The woman refused to believe her nosy neighbour. She said that it wasn’t even long ago that she gave the maid money to go and pay the kids’ school fees.

The neighour urged her to make out time and confirm with the school. The woman called the school and they told her to check her email and text messages. The school said they had sent her a series of messages, asking about her kids’ unusual absence.

“On a particular day, she got to the road and came back because she left a particular document at home. On getting to the house, she met the same neighbour, who told her to listen to the noise coming from her flat.

“The woman banker peeped through the keyhole. What she saw made her run and started calling people to come to her aid.  People came, but the door wouldn’t open. Eventually, someone said they should invite a pastor, who later prayed. The door opened and the maid made startling confessions. This particular incident made the woman resign from her banking job to mind her home and kids. The pastor made her understand that she almost lost her three kids to the witch’s coven.”

In the Ogba area of Ikeja, I recovered a story where a male servant so sodomised a primary school boy under his care that by the time his parents discovered, the child was beginning to find it difficult to walk.

Let’s also not forget the crossdresser house help that got a job posing as a ‘maid’ and infiltrated a household. He impregnated his employer’s three daughters in one fell swoop, with the oldest girl just 15 years old before he was discovered.

Three daughters were pregnant, and all the victims pointed at the ‘house girl.’ Their mom thought she was going mad. How was it possible that her maid impregnated her daughters?

The ‘maid’ in question has been so nice, respectful, caring, and hardworking. Boo!

So, the ‘maid’ was finally undressed and lo and behold, a massive phallus was dangling between his legs. The so-called jutting boobs were padded boobs. Go figure!

It’s unpardonable not to know that a guy has been living under your roof for months and freely browsing and downloading on your underaged daughters.

What kind of relationship do you have with your three daughters that not even one thought to confide in you?

Like, haven’t you ever bought panties or a bra for your ‘maid’ and asked her to wear them and parade before you to see if they fit? I do it repeatedly, including menstruation pad sef!

The way you monitor and care for your children well being is the way you should treat your house help and by buying items of clothing and undies, and monitoring her circle, you should know if you’re dealing with a boy or girl.

She can’t come and get pregnant, commit an abortion, and die in your house! Monitor that circle by buying her pads!

Personally, I feel that parents should always make out time, no matter how busy they are, to find out about the well-being of their kids. They should always interact with them to know how they spent their days and what transpired in school.

Even schoolteachers, both male and female are beginning to be the greatest monsters in kids’ life. How well do you know your kids’ teachers? How well do you know your male and female servants?

Think about this!”

Tell us your story and experiences on this subject matter!


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