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The National President, Ambassadors for Peace and Enlightenment Foundation, Comrade Prince Saviour Iche aka voice for the voiceless, has urged the Department of State Security Services (DSS), the Inspector General of Police, and other law enforcement agencies to as a matter of urgency arrest former Niger Delta Militant, Asari Dokubo for attempting to cause civil unrest in Nigeria.

According to Iche, if Dokubo was not arrested now, he would likely cause the worst trouble for Nigeria, a country that has diverse ethnic groups. Iche over frets over many toeing the line of Dokubo in causing trouble for a Nigeria that is already tense.

Iche called for the arrest of Dokubo following a viral video, in which the former Niger Delta militant was seen showing rifles and making caustic comments about a particular ethnic group in Nigeria

Iche said described the utterances of Dokubo as careless, adding that it was a threat to the lives of people from that region of an ethnic group.

Indeed, the surfaced just days after Dokubo went to the State House in Abuja, and addressed journalists in a room many opined was the upper chamber, with Nigeria’s coat of arms showing behind. During the press conference, he accused the Nigerian military of being behind major oil thefts in Nigeria.

Iche, fuming, said: “Asari Dokubo’s utterances and threats are unacceptable! It is against the law of the land and the Igbos in general. For him to bring out guns, and security agents are keeping quiet, instead of to have arrested him is unsettling. The video, where he was showing off rifles, and threatening Igbos can be traced and is everything, it’s enough evidence for law enforcement agencies. Why has he not been arrested? Is he above the law? Security agencies should ensure his arrest, if not, he would do more harm to the nation and if nothing is done, others will copy him.”

The activist explained that Dokubo in the viral video said that if not for the British, he would have been selling people from Igbo ethnic groups, just as his fathers did.

Iche said: “He threatened Igbos to the extent of showing chains of guns in the video. To the best of my knowledge, Nigeria has not legalised the use of guns. He is called an ex-militant, but the truth is that he’s still a militant because most times he is seen with several men, but this should not make him above the law.

“This is a man who came on national television, with the whole world watching, to accuse the military hierarchy of oil theft without evidence. For him to come out and threaten Igbos, means he has the intention of ethnic cleansing in mind. The authority needs to call him to order. Asari Dokubo does not have a monopoly on making threats. I am the voice of the voiceless. I am using this opportunity to call on the federal government, to ensure his arrest.

“We don’t know whom he is representing or what he is up to, imagine him calling a press conference at the state house, with the coat of arms at his back, is he the president or what?

“He is not an elected political officer, what kind of power does Asari Dokubo has that he would visit the state house and stay at the upper chamber and address a press conference? I call the IGP, DSS, and other law enforcement agencies to investigate and arrest Dokubo.

“This is a man who claimed to be fighting for the Niger Delta people, yet goes there, his place is underdeveloped. There is no road to go to his place and his people continue to languish in abject poverty. They are among the most undeveloped parts of Nigeria, and it is unfortunate.

“He is trying to create and cause enmity between his ethnic group and the Igbos. Let me make something very clear: Asari Dokubo is not representing the Niger Delta people. He is only representing himself. He is creating this tension and propaganda for his selfish purpose.”


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