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The parents of the 10 years old girl who was exposed to sexual content by popular skit marker, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa ‘aka’ Trinity in the course of acting, have been invited by the Oyo State Police Command for questioning.

The child’s parents, Isiaka Ahmed, 40 and his Wife Rofiat, 29, were invited for questioning after police were told by Trinity that they were clearly aware of the sexual content that the girl would be exposed to.

The Oyo State Police Command shared this information on its Twitter handle.

The Police tweet states: “Creative content creator and skit maker, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa ‘aka’ Trinity reported at the premises of the Oyo State Police Command on Friday 23rd of June 2023 at about 10:am, in the company of his legal counsel to honour an invitation extended to him by the Command.

“Recall that a formal invitation was extended to 31 years old Trinity by the Oyo State Police Command on  Thursday 22nd of June 2023 in connection with an obscene viral video where a female minor was sexualized in a reprehensible dialogue devoid of ethical and moral values.

“Preliminary Investigations revealed that the obscene video which was a clear violation of Sec. 32,35 and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023 depicts explicit sexual exploitation of the minor who was compelled to give disturbing descriptive details of a Male genital.

“In addition, the Skit Maker during the course of the interview provided shocking revelations about the involvement of the minor’s parents before, during and after the production. He particularly emphasized that the consent of both parents was sought before uploading the skit on the internet.

“Consequent on the above,  Isiaka Ahmed, 40y and his Wife Rofiat, 29 both biological parents of the minor are presently being quizzed by the Gender/Juvenile Related Offences Desk of  the SCID alongside Trinity.”

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