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Members of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) have expressed anger over the shocking behaviour of a husband, identified as Femi, who allegedly pounced and beat his wife black and blue in the presence of her parents.

It was gathered that the woman, ran to her parent’s house to seek solace, following repeated beaten from her husband.

The husband was said to have followed to her parent’s house and without giving them a modicum of respect, had beaten his wife in their parents, unmindful of their feelings.

The 28 years old housewife explained that she met her 30-year-old husband in 2014 during her A Levels Programme and they started living together in 2018. The couple have two children, with the oldest just two years old, while the youngest is a year old.

The woman, who claimed to have been subjected to protracted domestic violence at the hands of her husband, said that the attacks caused her premature contraction while pregnant with a second child.

She narrated: “I am 28 years old. My partner is 30-year-old Femi Banjoko. We have two children, ages two and one-year-old. We met in 2014 during my A’Levels programme. We did not start living together until 2018 when I went for my youth service in Lagos.

“He started abusing me. The abuse has been in all forms physical, financial, emotional, and psychological. I was beaten during my pregnancy. During my second pregnancy, I had premature contractions because of the abuse and lack of adequate care.

“We moved to Ibadan in April this year, and I have felt more or less like a prisoner because I have been restricted from going out or doing anything personally.

“He scold the children so violently and aggressively in ways that babies should not be handled, this makes me very scared and concerned as a mother.

“The most recent incident happened about a week ago when he beats me, and I ran for safety to my parents’ house here in Ibadan. Despite that, he still came to my parents’ house to cause trouble and beat and threatened me right in front of my family. Now, he wants to forcefully take the children away from me.

“It is becoming so serious and scary situation as we all feel unsafe having him around due to his irrational behaviours and constant threats.”


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