Police and cow

The Policemen

Juliana Francis

The Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, has finally reacted to the viral video showing seven armed policemen moving along with a cow as it was being led to the slaughter slab.

The video, which surfaced on social media Wednesday 28th of June 2023, has irked many Nigerians, with many taking to their social media handles to lambast the Nigeria Police Force, stressing a waste of manpower and rifles.

The video also reignited the debate on the rationality of detailing as many as seven armed policemen to a single individual in a country with over 200 million population and crimes soaring every day.

In the video, the apparent principal of the policemen was seen holding a white tusk, as he walks behind a herdsman leading the cow to the slaughter slab.

The policemen, who were armed and acting officious trailed behind the man.

Force spokesman, who has been inundated with videos and comments on the issue, finally responded this morning thus on his Tweeter handle: “This is condemned. We will fish out these men. It’s even disgusting. We have set up a committee to look into the process of withdrawing our PMF/tactical men from such services and use them for the announced Quick Intervention Squad.

“Deployment of policemen to individuals will surely be reviewed and regularised. When the committee submits its report, the Ag. IGP will act as fast as possible to implement the policy. We need more men to police than guard individual Nigerians. We can assure Nigerians of a better policing system in no distant time.”

It will be recalled that the Nigeria Police Force has constantly complained, threatened, and vowed to remove police details from civilians, but over time, the vow to check the practice has become a mantra, with the practice continuing unabated.

A Nigerian, phemmyDadexx@fixerranking101, replying to Adejobi’s  words, said: “Some of these police self is not ready to leave the man environment because they know what they are getting – money coming for them is enough for them not to back off him, see as the place is like the police station.”

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