My humble appeal to Naija Watch Family Team, Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO), Edo Associations Worldwide, Edo Union and Clubs, Illustrious sons and daughters of the great Edo kingdom and the entire Niger Delta region.

We have had opportunities at the top severally but, there is nothing to show for it.

The reasons for abandonment and non-relatively linked assistance of the sons and daughters from Edo state in the Nation’s security platforms/outfits by senior officers from the state is so alarming.

Senior officers from Edo state prefer assisting Northerners over assisting the sons and daughters of the land.

A commander from the north will be posted to a unit, the first thing he does is to reshuffle his cabinet, placing his brothers and sisters in administrative offices and appointments.

A commander from the south is posted in, and the next thing he does is to reshuffle his cabinet positioning northerners around him and will openly address the troops on parade, “I am not here for brother and sister work.

A Yoruba or Hausa man is posted into a unit as commander, they immediately send for their state meeting head so as to register and have a sense of belonging.

An Edo man was posted in as Commander, and a young Edo colleague in service confidently went to his office to introduce himself and the state union to him. He greeted him in his dialect as soon as he entered the office.

The senior officer got angry, challenged him if he didn’t know how to speak English, and then walked him out. Segregation is the order of the day in the forces, we must write home, We must express our grievances.

The Southerners are highly professional in discharging their duties both at home and overseas, with good track records of quality training to combat both local and foreign tasks. Our coursemates have been elevated by their tribe from the same state senior officers, ours are adding to them and making us hopeless in almost all units and formations of the armed Forces and other sister agencies here in Nigeria.

You must speak for us because we have been banned from the use of social media policies, which have continued to deprive us of addressing challenges that border us as members of the armed forces and other security apparatus which hail from the Niger Delta region of the country.

We are using this medium to appeal passionately to our highly respected monarch HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, OBA EWARE II, and other traditional rulers/fathers, the governor, and other political leaders within the Niger Delta region for help.

Trailers bring thousands of recruits from the North to the depot every enlistment exercise and they are all taken into the Army with ease (no English, no writing)  coaster bus brings recruits from Edo and another sister Niger-Delta State to the depot every training and some will be returned back home, what a disappointment… No letter from anybody, meanwhile the trailer from the North came with letters alongside phone calls from their Traditional rulers, more so, retired and serving Generals.

What is happening to Senior officers from Edo State? They don’t like to help their people, Check their convoy whenever they’re visiting home if you are related to anyone, you will discover that it’s our northern brothers that are their escort all around… Ethnic barriers ..Rescue mission, please

All Edo Associations and organisations should please speak up from their heart to the conscience of state and federal REPRESENTATIVES (legislators) in the fight against terrorism, speak to your fathers, uncles, and friends who are senior officers.

Remind them that, there is a place called home after service. The Northerners have gone very far in rebuilding their fence of unity, compassion, love and unity in synergy Ours has a crack land.

It is sad that after retirement, they want to become governor, senator, or head other political offices to lead the people they once dispersed when they were in service.

We are appealing again to various associations in Edo, in the Niger Delta region, and in the diaspora to kindly come to the aid of their children serving in the security organisation, especially the Armed Forces.

There’s more to life after retirement from active service, there’s no place like home.

Oba ghatokpere isee.

Concerned Citizen.

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