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The Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, has explained why the Nigeria Police Force created Roadblocks, stop and search points, checkpoints, observation points, and pin-down points.

Adejobi, who took his Twitter handle to explain this, said they were about five anti-crime strategies adopted and emplaced by the police on the road, looking or sounding alike but not the same. “Roadblock, stop and search point, checkpoint, observation point, and pin down point,” he said.

He explained: “None of these is created to extort or harass any Nigerian but to curb crimes and criminality and provide safety for all road users. Though we receive complaints against the activities of some of our men at these points on the road, their presence in most cases is helpful and helps boost visibility policing along our highways in Nigeria.

“Specifically, roadblocks are not common. They are those ones where you have heavy blockage and zig-zag movements on the road. They are always done where we have a high level of insecurity or threats in an area, and they are always approved by the government or the high commands of the security agencies in the area, mostly the Police. More explanations follow.”

A Twitter user, ‘Sammie @SammieLaoluresponding to Adejobi’s series of tweets, said: “Thanks for sharing, sir. Sometimes you meet some (very few) officers and you will be glad and some other times you will meet the (high number) daredevil and you will cry for humanity. We all need to do better sha (sic) even as citizens too. But sir, make una train them more and also introduce body cam too if possible. Ire o (sic).”

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