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Hold on before you say anything!

The idea for this topic was not mine!

It came from my friend, Felicia. She sent it to my inbox, and I felt I needed to share it with you guys.

I wouldn’t like anyone to start asking “Why is she on this path again?”

The exciting thing about the piece from Felicia is that it shows that we are on the same wavelength.

Yeah, I heard you…what else do you expect from someone who is my friend, abi?

But listen, let me tell you a secret; hard as this may seem to you, my discussions with Felicia don’t always start and end about men and their balls.

We often discuss other intelligent topics…yeah, aside from men and their balls!

What do you mean by what kind of topic? Do you think I’m lying?

Well… let’s see…we use to discuss…hum…hum…hum…honestly, I can’t think of any subject we used to discuss right now!

Why? Because you just sprung the question on me, that why! I need time to gather my scattered wits.

I know there are many of you who simply believe my brain has a fixation for boobs, balls, and honey pot.

Maybe…but not all the time.

At least, not when I’m sleeping! I went to my company Accounts Department, just a few days ago, and two pretty ladies wanted to know why I always hammer on sex, guys and babes.

Please tell me, what else is there that makes the world exciting and go around?  You want to know what I told them. Just hold your breath!  Yeah, while you’re still holding your breath, quickly skim through what Felicia sent.

First, let me quickly give you a clue. She said that if you want to make your man happy, apparently, we are to assume that the relationship was beginning to get to the ice age stage; she advocated for a time alone with him or both of you can go on a holiday, cruise, whatever. But the big idea is to spend time together without distractions.  She talked about wearing sinfully transparent lingerie, and then she said more: Excerpt;

Initiate sexual contact. Massage his body and touch him sexually. Rub his balls and play with his penis to arouse that sweet sensation. Ask him what he wants you to do to him. Ask for specifics. Be lovingly demanding. It will make him want to please you.

Yeah, I totally agree with her, but let’s not forget that the issue of making your partner happy goes both ways. Don’t just make him happy; also allow him to make you happy. There are babes that had never made the first sexual moves in their lives.

Most of them are silly, shy, and misguided babes. Misguided in that many of them believe that making the first move makes them cheap.

What nonsense!

Try today to initiate sex with your man and examine how you feel and how he feels and reacted. If your man had always been the one to ride you in bed, why not use this opportunity that Felicia is talking about to ride him for a change?

The advantage of riding your man is that it gives you the power to control your sexual tempo, leading to a helluva orgasm.

I need not say anything about playing with his balls, the engine room of his pleasure. I would however like to say…nay, I won’t say anything, I promised!

But let me quickly add that you can also allow him to sit on a chair that is meant just for one person. Then straddle him as he’s sitting. Your honey will embrace and drag him deep into the wet core. It will bring pleasure to both of you.

Dress up. Put on something sexy. Dab your body with body glitter, perfume, or edible treats. There are lots of sexy treats that can be stuck to your body. You can find these at any store. Wear lingerie, put on some makeup, and do your hair in a sexy, tousled style.

I love this part! What about honey? What about ice cream? Too cold?  Okay, what about Irish cream poured on those two globes of the babe?  And then try to lick the ice cream off the boobs. Ha! Just thinking about it is making me hot!

The first time I talked about using honey to heighten sex, someone poured it into his babe’s honey well.

Please don’t try that!

You pour it on his or her body or nipples and use your tongue to lick him/her clean or vice versa. Ha! Now, if it were to be me, I had rather my man pour the honey on my nipples and spend like 30 minutes just lapping and licking that areola… hum. Heavenly!

Do you know that some babes can attain orgasm just by their guys lavishing enough attention on their boobs?

Surprise him. Do something completely out of the ordinary. Take him somewhere unexpected and make love when he is least expecting to get pleasure.

This comes down to the special, unique time alone together.

On that holiday, do something sexually creative. Learn to share and discuss together. Let it be a time to draw closer to each other.

When it’s time for lovemaking, give it everything you’ve got! If you’re one of those women who gets cold feet when it comes to going down on your man, then now is the time to kick that inhibition and go down on him. I can bet you that 95 percent of men enjoy blowjobs.

If you guys had always been suckers for missionary style in lovemaking, give him another style in bed for crying out loud.

Personally, there are many great styles that both of you can invent and try without necessarily breaking your necks, hips, or legs.

Share your sexual fantasy with him. I’m yet to see any book where it is stated that the man must be the person to come up with styles to practice during lovemaking.

The emphasis here is lovemaking, not sex! How long had you and your guy made love?

Do you even understand the difference between lovemaking and sex? Until you do, you still have a long way to go.


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