The Centre for Human Rights Advocacy and Wholesome Society (CEHRAWS) has commended the Police leadership in Aba Area Command for introducing professionalism in their recent activities.

They stressed that henceforth it will collaborate with the police to create a better city.
Of recent, residents of Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State, have heaved a sigh of relief, following a complete removal of the usual police presence on major roads in the city, where they extort motorists, traders, and tricyclists of their hard-earned money.
However, since the coming of the new leadership in the Aba Area Command, led by ACP Abubakar Jika, there has been some evidence of changes, from the decongestion of the cells, the removal of the usual roadblocks and the reduction of unnecessary gatherings in the command, as a result of handling all manner of cases.
Okoye, Chuka Peter, the Executive Director of CEHRAWS, and his team while on a working visit at the command say that the changes they have noticed recently, show that effective policing that has brought good and impactful service across the command.
He commended the pro-active and innovative leadership of Aba Command as well as the state Command led by CP Kenechukwu Onwuemelie, who they commended for his efforts in promoting effective policing devoid of old dirty antics.
Okoye said that CEHRAWS and its partners, the Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Centre (RULAAC) came up with some legal materials that were given out to the police in the Command and even to other places.
He suggested the establishment of a “Security Stakeholders Partnership Forum (SSPF)” in Aba and Abia State, in general, to aid the citizens and the police in ensuring a better society.
“Sir, the Aba Area Command has made a remarkable impact in the persistent fight against crime and insecurity since the inception of your leadership.
“CEHRAWS having known the importance of security as captured in SDG-16 with its 10 target outcomes, and your leading role towards its actualization including other significant functions of yours in the fight against crime, insecurity, and nation-building.
“Hence, decided to officially embark on this working visit, to familiarize ourselves with you and also seek realistic ways for collaboration towards the advancement of the fight against crime and insecurity, restoration of the populace confidence in your institution, and intensive campaign on inclusive Policing for the entrenchment of a wholesome society.”
Okoye said that CEHRAWS’ commitment to facilitating the actualization of the aforesaid led to the establishment of a Human Rights Observatory(HRO) Unit with trained volunteer members from different works of life.
“Based on the above stated, we, therefore, look forward to a robust working relationship and perhaps, subsequent community-oriented engagements, workshops/experience sharing with your command towards the realization of your mandate and a safer society.”
In his response, ACP Abubakar Jika, Aba Area Commander said that the current police leadership in Aba and the state under CP Onwuemelie will not tolerate any form of unwholesome behaviour from its men and has put up serious mechanisms to make the city safer.
Jika welcomed the establishment of a “Security Stakeholders Partnership Forum (SSPF)” in Aba, stressing that it will go a long way in making sure that a strong relationship is built between the people and the police.
The Area Commander However, called for support for the police in the area of logistics like vehicles, which has become a serious barrier to the ability of the officers to patrol and secure the city properly.
He reiterated that the police in Aba, under his watch, will always uphold the rule of law and ethics of the profession, which he said has become the order of the day in the command.
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