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A lawyer, A. A. Adekunle, Esq has applauded the professional way Chief Superintendent of Police, Awoniyi, and Inspector Uchenna handled a particular case, stressing that both policemen deserved commendation.

The lawyer said that the policemen displayed professionalism in handling a case involving a landlord who cut off his co-landlord lower lip.

Adekunle said: “Our reporter who covered the case from the beginning to when it was taken to Court testified to the unbiased and professional ways with which the officers handled the matter at the police station.

“CSP Awoniyi Adekunle is the current Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ayinla Police Station, Agbado, Ogun State, while Inspector Uchena Uyaema is the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) in charge of the case.

“Both of them deserve our commendation for being a just and unbiased umpire. Even in the face of financial inducement and pressure from big men and highly connected personalities, they stood their ground and refused to compromise their integrity and professionalism.

“We were informed of an attempt by some people to induce the IPO with more than N200,000 to release the criminal on bail, but this officer rejected the offer. He stood firmly on the path of Justice and allowed the case to follow its due course until the offender was arraigned at Magistrate Court, Ifo.

“Though one cannot rule out the fact that there are a few bad eggs among Nigeria Police who always compromise the integrity of the force, Deputy Superintendent of Police Awoniyi and Inspector Uchena proved to us that they are professional and fearless Officers who do not take with levity the integrity and professional ethics of the Nigeria Police.

“The Officers we are commending today deserve our accolades and eulogy not because they stood by the victim of the case under review, but because they have displayed gallantry in the fight against crimes, succeeded in the arrest of many notorious criminals, and had equally sent some bad elements to court for appropriate punishment.

“These officers had equally demonstrated good leadership traits, displayed good education coupled with solid integrity and professionalism. Their experiences in curbing crimes and putting a stop to the insurgency have clearly shown that they are pragmatic, proactive, hands-on, sagacious, skillful, nimble-footed, resourceful, dynamic, detribalised, great thinkers, and visionary leaders.“We, therefore, recommend them for multiple promotions and commendations so that they could be motivated to do more. It’s our submission that if these kinds of men are given proper recognition and motivation, our country, Nigeria will be peaceful and secure for all of us to live.”

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