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Turn out all the lights in the house, light some candles, and leave sticky notes as a code. Let them lead him to you. You should be naked in a bubble bath with two glasses of wine, and you should be ready to act out a fantasy that he has mentioned before.

Every one of us has sexual fantasies.

Many men are afraid to try out these sexual fantasies on their wives and resort to going to prostitutes. A terrible idea.

Why not give your babe the chance to say no to your fantasy before making the decision for her? You never know, she might act like a prude but could be ready and willing to play out your fantasy.

A friend told me that his wife is a very shy person, but once they are in bed, she becomes a tigress. How are you sure your babe is not like that?

A seemingly prudish lady but one who is willing to try out anything in bed once she’s alone with you.

Sometimes love for someone can make us become flexible. And when I say sexual fantasies, I draw a line on anal sex! Who wan carry a wound for her anus? No bi mi!

But if you’re game for such kind of wacko sex, I can’t stop you, go ahead and try it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

My friend Felicia said it’s the worst sort of sexual intercourse. I believed her; I didn’t need to have tried it. Felicia had done that for both of us!

Pretend like it’s your first time. Set the scene for your first time. There’s something dangerous and sexy about having sex for the first time with someone. If it was in a car as teenagers, make love in a car again. It may be more difficult, but that will add to the fun and excitement of the sex itself.

It’s not going to be easy to pretend it’s your first sex or first date, but you can try to make it a special one. Making love in a car is seen as forbidden. But hey, such forbidden experiences taste sweeter. Look at it this way; he’s your man, so you can do it, can’t you?

The problem I see with sex in a car is that the lovers cannot throw their legs to an angle of 90, according to the way the spirit of approaching orgasm grips and moves them. In fact, in a car, you can’t thrash, flail, and do…

Relax. Massage your husband regularly and focus on mutual relaxation. A lot of couples get to a point where they treat sex like a chore. Don’t let it get to this point. It should be an enjoyable experience that brings you and your husband closer together. Enjoy each other and have fun in this exploration.

I want to say something here; since both of you are spending time together, try as much as possible to be naked together.

Watch TV wrapped together. Sex is not a chore. Allow your hands and tongue to be adventurous. Touch and kiss him everywhere possible.

You know what I mean. Suckle those manly nipples to pebble hardness. Play with his balls and suckle them gently.

Guide his tongue to your nipples and his hands to your honey. You don’t need to have intercourse, but you can sure as hell have fun, reach orgasm and still feel satiated. I wish I can show you…there is something I also want to tell you…

But I’m tired. I have malaria. I feel like a trailer ran over me. Maybe next week…remind me if you want to know…





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