Dear IGP Egbetokun,

Nonsonkwa is not the criminal you vowed to chase out of Nigeria, he is a victim of Uzodinma’s political witch-hunt

Sir, this is the second time I will be writing an open letter to you since your emergence as the Inspector-General of Police. While there were moves to address my major concern in the first letter, which was a call to redeploy the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Muhamed Barde, everyone in Imo is still in shock that the same man has remained in Imo State for about one month after the Police Service Commission deployed a new CP to Imo State.

The general impression in the State is that Uzodimma influenced you to stop the redeployment of Barde, because he trusts him to be able to assist him in harassing his political opponents in Imo State, as well as aiding his plans to rig the November 11th governorship election.

While a majority of Imolites do not have so much faith in the Nigerian Police due to incessant harassment and unprofessional attitudes of some of your officers, which became more pronounced in the last year of Barde’s deployment to Imo as a CP, we still had some faith that the Edet House Police is a little more professional and wouldn’t bring herself to doing Uzodimma’s bidding, especially, as it concerns helping to harass and intimidate perceived political opponents and critics.

The deployment from Abuja of a detachment of police officers to arrest a fiery critic of Uzodimma’s anti-people governance styles, therefore, shocks many of us who had any confidence in the ability of the Police to protect innocent Imolites and Nigerians.

I believe that Uzodimma’s motivation for sending his commissioner to write the petition that warranted Nonsonkwa’s arrest was to send a message to people like us who do not believe in his governance styles, that we cannot run away, as he is now fully in charge of the Police even in Abuja.

Hope Uzodimma is a cowardly leader, and cowardly leaders are known for their desperation to clamp down on the slightest voice of dissent.

They do everything to ensure that they have total control of the State because they know that they cannot compete in any environment where there is the slightest modicum of sanity and where people could easily express their opinions.

Since his controversial imposition on the people of Imo State as their governor, he has always seized every opportunity to use the terrible security situation in Imo State to his political advantage, by framing up his political opponents and critics with involvement in acts that undermine security in the State.

In the last 42 months of his legitimacy-sapped regime in Imo State, Uzodimma has harassed virtually every single one of his political opponents and critic in Imo State. He had arranged in the past to use the police to abduct Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, his opponent in the 2019 general election.

Uche Nwosu was able to walk free the same day he was brought to Abuja because it was easy to determine that he is a victim of political oppression. Uzodimma had allegedly gotten some suspects in police custody to allege on video that they were sponsored by Uche Nwosu, Uju Kingsley and other opposition politicians in the State.

Uzodimma had made numerous attempts to abduct Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, and he practically celebrated the invasion by terrorists on the young man’s country home in January this year, that many people concluded that Uzodimma knew and might have actually sent the criminals who carried out the atrocious attack. Uzodimma had accused Ihedioha, Okorocha and every other top opposition politician in Imo State of complicity in the terrorist attacks in Imo State.

Curiously, some of those people he accused of being behind these security breaches are today, his close political allies, and he has rested the accusations against them, as these people now move around imo the State freely.

The only people who do not move freely in Imo State today are those who still have the courage and political will to resist Uzodimma’s irresponsible despotism. They know that Uzodimma’s biggest strength is in using the police to harass those who speak up against him. I am told that I am the best after Nonsonkwa, but since I know that I am not a criminal, I rejected the advice by some people who tell me to keep quiet over my criticism of Uzodimma’s anti-people governance and bloodstained regime.

When you were appointed as the acting Inspector-General, many of us heaved a sigh of relief, because of your records as an excellent police officer, but immediately Uzodimma started hanging around you, including, coming, uninvited, to decorate you with your rank as an IGP, it appears, you started losing those qualities that gave us confidence in your capacity to protect us and make the civil space in Imo State, a little freer.

My dear IGP, Uzodimma is merely bringing you to ridicule by dragging you into his dirty political wars in Imo State. Nonsonkwa will become the hero, more heroic than he truly is, with your continuous and unwarranted incarceration of the young man. If you must help Uzodimma, tell him to return home and face his responsibility of protecting lives and properties and stop using his powers to harass political opponents.

Tell him to fight insecurity, not fuel it. For as long as he continues to hide under fighting insecurity to frame up and arbitrarily detain his political opponents and critics, it would be correct and indisputable to accuse him of being behind the killings and destructions ravaging Imo State. Because, as the Chief Security Officer of the State, his failure to secure the people, indicts him as the killer of his own people and destroyer of the State.

I will urge you to immediately release Nonsonkwa and focus your efforts on policing Nigeria, including Imo effectively, and not allow yourself or your office to be used for official political thuggery.

God Will Bless Nigeria and rid her of all bad and irresponsible leaders and officials. I will urge you to join me in saying Amen, if you are truly a patriot.

I am Your incoming political prisoner,

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

A law abiding and patriotic Imo citizen.

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