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The Nigeria Police Force has arrested a suspected manhood thief, identified as Suleiman Isiaka, who also admitted to mysteriously disappearing a man’s manhood by merely greeting him.

The victim, Umoru, said that immediately after Isiaka greeted him, he felt electric shock revibrating through his body, and he immediately dipped a hand into his pants to check his manhood.

He discovered that his manhood had shrunk in age, trying to be sure before he raised a false he went to urinate, but, “my manhood remained small and I couldn’t urinate.”

Now quite sure that Isiaka had something to do with his shrunk manhood, Umoru raised the alarm and within a wink of an eye, people pounced on Isiaka, beating him black and blue.

He would later be saved by Abubakar, who is a brother to Umoru. Abubakar said: “I got a call that my brother Umoru’s manhood had been taken and I dashed to the place. When I got there, I saw them beating the suspect, I pleaded with them to leave, and the matter was taken to the Police Station.
“But I must let you know that this taking of men’s manhood had been going on for long. It is a rampant practice and this Umoru’s case is not the first.  It happened to another of our brothers, and we had to take him to Sokoto.”

The suspect, while fielding questions from the Police, admitted to having taken the manhood of Umoru, but surprisingly promised that it would come back at about 4: p.m.

His words: “He will receive his manhood back around 4:pm by the grace of God. I have given it back to him; he’ll see it.”

The police officers quizzing him got angry with Isiaka for mentioning God and ordered him not to mention God’s name anymore.



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