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Child Rights Organisations in Nigeria, among them Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN), have been commended for ensuring that a minor, who was sexually violated by Dr Femi Olaleye, an influential doctor, finally got justice without paying a dime.

Other child rights groups that joined in the quest for justice in the just concluded case in the court are; Tonia Bruised But Not Broken, Stop The Abuse Foundation, Mirabel Center, Cece Yara Foundation, Child Protection Network, Be Inspired Women Empowerment Foundation, Bimbo Odukoya Foundation, Smile and shine children Foundation, Radical Movement in the NBA, Family wellness therapy, Mom to mom Foundation and Centre Against Injustice and Domestic Violence (CAIDOV).

According to them, the fight for justice for abused children is not over, but continuous, stating a three years old girl in Enugu State was brutally raped to the extent that she needed surgery to stay alive.

Also, another child, who was in uniform, was raped, bloodied and dumped at Ojodu where she died before help could come.

The group also recalled another case, which occurred in the Ipaja area of Lagos State. In that particular incident, a six years old girl was raped, beaten and strangled, the group worried that nobody had been arrested for such heinous offences.

The group states below;

“It is with mixed feelings that we have gathered here, partners, friends and gentlemen of the fourth estate of the realm, our true partners, who have been at the forefront of the fight against all forms of human rights abuses, especially the sexual and gender-based violence abuses.

“As earlier stated, it is with mixed feelings that we have gathered today. Yes, we celebrate our collective victory with the win of the sentencing of life imprisonment of Dr. Femi Frank Olaleye. A notorious unrepentant paedophile and a liar in the words of the court.

“We all started this journey together with our relentless call and subsequent protests, asking the Lagos State government to arrest and prosecute Dr Femi Olaleye for the defilement of his wife’s niece after one year that a complaint was filed against him and our joy knew to know bounds when he was subsequently arrested and arraigned on two counts of sexual assault and defilement of his wife’s niece.

“Exactly a year after arraignment, Justice Rahmon Oshodi of the Lagos High Court,  the Daniel in this case, gave an erudite judgement that left no one in doubt that there is a difference between judgement and Justice because this poor indigent survivor who is the daughter of nobody without paying a penny to anyone and without having connections got justice.

“This is not Uhuru yet because the war against sexual and gender-based violence is still raging. Just yesterday,  we got a report from Enugu State that a three years old girl was brutally raped by an unknown person to the extent of requiring surgery.

“The school under whose care this sordid incident happened have now in cahoots with the Nigerian Police, Enugu State, started threatening to arrest the mother of the child for defamation without investigating the real crime of rape.

“As we were rejoicing on the 24th of October,  2023, after the court victory, one of our members got a report of a girl who was brutally raped and dumped somewhere in Ojodu in her bloodied uniform, who later died before help could come to her.

“Another is the incident of a girl of six years old in the Ipaja area of Lagos State who brutally raped, beaten and strangulated to death.

“No one has been charged to court yet, the perpetrator is still in police custody at SCID, Panti. How many lives will be wasted and ended before it even starts because we as a society have refused to stand up for our defenceless and vulnerable?

“We have seen shocking comments by Nigerians especially on social media saying that the sentencing was too much or that the wife of Dr. Olaleye should not have taken a stand against her husband.

“Our question is, would those asking these questions still hold this stance if they were the relative of that little child whose virginity was stolen from her?

“Would this still be your position if this big man’s wife knowing the atrocities her husband has done against your child covered up for her husband because she knows you are poor and not well connected to pursue justice

“In the now famous one of Mr Raji Fasola( SAN) “may our loyalties never be tested.” Mrs Olaleye, thank you for standing up for humanity. You are the real heroine! You saved our wives, sisters and daughters from being molested by this serial and unremorseful fiend. May posterity judge you most kindly.

“Once more we want the media. We also thank the Lagos State government for its relentless fight against sexual and gender-based violence. Special emphasis must be made on the effort of the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions, Lagos State.

“We thank the Nigerian Police too for their support, especially in this instant case. Thank you to all the sexual referral centres and every advocate who is working tirelessly to rid our nation of this malady.

“We must on this note implore the general public to support us more by fighting this menace. Stop toxic forgiveness or what we call, ‘by fire, by force forgiveness of perpetrators.’

“In the crime of rape, the only way we can win this war is to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted.”

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