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The Nigeria Police Force is now trying to identify and locate the policeman seen in a viral video being beaten over alleged ballot snatching at the Amakohia Ikeduru Collation Centre in Imo State.

The Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, stated this on his X handle.

He said: “The Nigeria Police Force is aware of the allegation regarding this supposed police officer purportedly involved in ballot snatching at the Amakohia Ikeduru Collation Centre in Imo State.

“We do not take this issue lightly as it bothers the integrity of the force and the capability of its members to maintain election integrity.

“We therefore assure the public that a thorough investigation will be conducted, and we will update you ASAP. It requires a thorough investigation.”

The video has naturally caused a backlash, with some Nigerians on X criticising the Nigeria Police Force.

One of them, Anthony Bowale Gbore @ThonyBowalex, said: “When Nigerians are ready for free and fair elections, we will have it. Our leaders didn’t fall from heaven, the police are our brothers, the thugs are our friends, and the INEC officials are our neighbours. When we are ready, we will have a free and fair election.”

Another person, greatbasil @berry46557953, also has something to say about the matter: “Is it because he was caught? The police have been rigging election in Nigeria, even in the last election, live in Rivers State, where the police was the major people used to rig election.”

Obinna@obaino_ reacting on the matter, said: “That’s not the only police officer. Everything APC did in Imo State today was with the collaboration of the police. I wish they all received this same treatment.”

Truth Matters.@Truthzon stated: “No, sir, it’s unacceptable for anyone to assault law enforcement officers. We need to discourage this barbaric culture. What the officer did is reprehensible if it’s true. But we need to stamp this out quickly. Those who assault the officer must be booked.”

Hon. Olaniyi@unclegeeonline, said: “I’m sure he was following instructions. Such a move cannot be acted alone. His partners were caught elsewhere. But I’m sure they will gain their freedom and will be rewarded after the election.”


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