The Lagos State Taskforce has debunked the news making rounds that the Agency is involved in the car chase which led to an accident and tragic death of two LAWMA officials at Gbagada axis this morning.

The Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye disclosed today at the Agency Headquarters that there is no iota of truth in that report.  Speaking at the scene of the incident where members of the public had gathered to vent their anger and displeasure towards the unfortunate incident which involved yet-to-be-identified traffic enforcement officials (not Lagos State Environmental Taskforce officials) in a car chase of a suspected traffic offender along Gbagada axis, resulting in the knocking down of two LAWMA officials carrying out their duties by the Roadside.
“It is a very sad and most importantly avoidable incident today that has led to loss of lives. Us as an Agency, we have a very firm belief that traffic offence is not a criminal offense, therefore it is better for a traffic offender to escape from the scene of the offense than to create madness on the road that could lead to loss of life”.
Jejeloye disclosed that none of the Taskforce officials were posted out today for any traffic enforcement, rather, they were deployed to Ile-Zik, Dopemu and Ikeja to maintain law and order during the NURTW protest. So there is no way they could have been involved as widely speculated. The vehicle and occupants involved in the chase were clearly not in Taskforce uniform.
“The officials involved in this devastating incident will be fished out, arrested and will be made to answer for their crimes. The suspected motorist who evaded arrest and knocked down these two innocent workers will also be trailed and prosecuted. In this era of social media, there is no hiding place for any criminal”.
Jejeloye admonished Lagosians to maintain calmness and serenity and allow the law to take its full course. He assured that justice will be adequately served and no stone will be left unturned till all parties involved in the heinous crime are prosecuted.
“I strongly hope this serves as a deterrent to any overzealous officer who sidelines the safety and security of Lagosians whom we have sworn to protect. Anyone caught jeopardising the safety and security of Lagosians all in the name of apprehending a traffic offender will be severely dealt with.”
The Chairman urged all Lagosians to adhere to all traffic rules and regulations put in place by the State Government to help sustain sanity on our roads. Traffic rules have been put in place to ensure that we spend less time on our roads and to bring accident occurrences down to the barest minimum.
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