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Twenty-five-year-old Moses Mayowa Osinfowokan, who specialised in snatching motorcycles from unsuspecting cyclists in Ogun Sstate, using a toy gun, has been arrested after his encounter with a cyclist from hell, who refused to allow him to take his motorcycle even at gunpoint.

The suspect was arrested by policemen from Kemta Division, who rescued him from the grip of the cyclist, who refused to let him until the arrival of the police at the scene.

Nobody is sure for how long Osinfowokan had been using his toy gun to outwit and snatch motorcycles from their owners, but he met his Waterloo after an encounter with Monday Adipe, who refused to calmly hand his Bajaj motorcycle with registration number, OGB597WG, to a shocked Osinfowokan, even in the face of a threatening gun.

The suspect’s modus operandi is to pose as a passenger and then after a while, he would whip out his toy gun, threatening to shoot to kill if a cyclist refuses to hand over his motorcycle.

A Situation Report sighted by The Eagle online states: “On `the 26th of November 2023, at about 6:30 am a distress call was received by Kemta Division from Mile8, Obele area of Ajebo Road, Abeokuta, that an armed criminal, one Moses Mayowa Osinfowokan, 25 years old was struggling with and attempting to dispossess a Bajaj motorcycle with registration number  OGB597WG from its owner Monday Adipe.

“Policemen from Kemta Police Division swiftly mobilised a team of policemen to the scene. The suspect was promptly arrested with a toy gun, which he used to violently threaten unsuspecting cyclists, he boarded the motorcycle from Kemta to Mile 8 Road, somewhere around the isolated bushy road, he attempted to snatch the motorcycle but was strongly resisted by the rider who raced an alarm.

“Upon his arrest, the suspect claimed he came from the Ijofa Totoro area and had been using such antics for a while.”

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