The United States is taking a series of actions today, on International Anti-Corruption Day, to promote accountability for those who engage in corruption around the world.

President Biden has signed a presidential proclamation to expand the State Department’s visa restriction authorities so those who engage in corruption and their family members can be subjected to visa restrictions, strengthening our ability to deny safe haven to those who enable public corruption. According to current law, I am designating over 30 individuals, including current and former foreign officials and immediate family members, as generally ineligible for entry to the United States due to their involvement in significant corruption.  These actions are complemented and reinforced by the Department of the Treasury’s designations.

These actions are complemented and reinforced by the Department of the Treasury’s designations under the Global Magnitsky sanctions program of two former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government officials, and 44 associated entities, for involvement in transnational corruption.  The United States is also taking steps to impose numerous individual visa restrictions and financial sanctions designations.  Collectively these actions reinforce our comprehensive effort to promote accountability for corrupt actors and deter future corruption.

Today’s actions target corrupt actors around the world who have misused their public office for personal gain. Through a variety of tools to promote accountability, the United States has designated more than 200 individuals and entities for acts related to corruption in 2023. The United States will continue to coordinate with allies and partners and use all available tools to address corruption in all its forms and promote accountability for malign actors.

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