By Faruk Adejoh-Audu

The Kogi Security Chiefs who last month masterminded the massacre at the residence of Sheik Ibrahim, Director-General of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Governorship Campaign Council are plotting to again invade the same premises with the excuse that they are in search of firearms.


This time it is feared that they have procured a search warrant from a Lokoja judge who has already gained notoriety for providing judicial cover for the criminal activities of the outlaw Governor of Kogi State, Mr Yahaya Bello.



The information available to us indicates that after several attempts to plant arms and ammunition using Bello’s thugs are proxies in Ayingba failed, the invaders will bring the arms in Mr Yahaya Bello’s Armoured Personel Carriers (APC) and dump them in specific sections of the house, there after they will retreat to bring cameras to start video recording the operation as if they broke into the residence and found the arms.



The invasion which is expected to commence anytime from now is a desperate recourse by the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Bethrand Unuoha to justify the massacre in the same residence on November 7(2023) during which at least three policemen and two nephews of the DG were murdered in cold blood.


Mr Onuoha had immediately claimed responsibility for the massacre at press conference later that day while regretting that the DG Sheik Ibrahim was not amongst the persons murdered during the invasion.


He had claimed the persons killed were thugs and displayed three Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifles as arms recovered from the thugs.


But his deliberate falsehood was soon exposed when the identity of his murdered victims became known and the AK47 Rifles were also discovered to have been officially issued to the murdered policeman.


We are informed that Onouha and the Area Commander of Toto Division,  Mr J. Caleb are now undergoing investigation at the Police Force Headquarters along with over 70 policemen who were coopted into the massacre of November 7 an unable to justify his homicidal adventure he’s desperate to again frame our DG with gun running and violence.


Among the guns they intend to plant are the pump actions and AK47 used by APC thugs to execute their fellow thugs in Anyigba and Ejule in public glare in October.


Onuoha plans to use these planted guns to link the SDP with the coldblooded murders carried out in broad daylight by known APC thugs whom he had curiously refused to arrest till today.


This rogue action by this thoroughly unethical policeman is coming even as plans for the burial of Inspector Atabor, the Policeman with three children and a pregnant wife murdered at the scene of crime on November 7th is being finalized.


All of Unuoha’s attempts to frame and demonize the SDP as a party of violence have so far failed. There’s no report of a single attack or breach of law by any of our supporters in the course of the six-month campaign.  Neither was there any formal arrest of our members except persons abducted by his rogue force of thugs and policemen. And we hereby challenge Mr Unuoha to prove the contrary


Penultimate week Mr Unuoha participated in supporting thugs impersonating SDP uniforms to invade INEC in Lokoja and despite our prompt disavowal of these thugs who are known agents of Bello, also known to him as Unuoha,  he went before the media to identify them as SDP members.


We are by this statement appealing to the Inspector General of Police,  Mr Kayode Egbetokun to immediately redeploy Mr Unuoha from Kogi State before he sheds the blood of more innocent persons to cover up his earlier atrocities.

Signed: Faruk Adejoh-Audu, Spokesman, Social Democratic Party (SDP) Campaign Council, Kogi State, December 17, 2023.

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