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The Force spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, has condemned the alleged gang rape of a lady in Imo State, describing it as “heinous.”

The incident happened in November 2023 and many Nigerians are keenly following up on it.

Expressing his displeasure over the incident on his X Space handle, Adejobi said: “We condemn this heinous act in totality. The matter will never be swept under the carpet or rug. We have contacted the Imo State Police command to do the needful, and I will personally monitor it. Rape and DGV are barbaric, and we must do everything to curtail them.”

The rape of the lady was brought to the attention of Adejobi and other Nigerians by  99% OPPRESSED.

@PIDOMNIGERIA, who revealed everything that happened on X Space.

99% OPPRESSED.@PIDOMNIGERIA wrote: “The girl has gone for the comprehensive test, to see if any part of her body is damaged, or she has contracted STD. Because they raped her contentiously without a condom all through the night even with her menstrual flow. I want justice.”

99% OPPRESSED.@PIDOMNIGERIA further explained the incident: “ A 20-year-old girl was raped by three men in Owerri after one of them hacked her friend’s WhatsApp, and used it to lure her to a location. She was on her monthly period, but they still raped her.

“She cried and came back home, but was bold enough to confide to a male friend of hers. The male friend mobilised other young men who went out in their numbers to apprehend the rapists.

“They were able to arrest two, but one escaped. They handed them over to the police @PoliceNG in Imo state. At the police station, it was discovered that one of the rapists was just 99% OPPRESSED. @PIDOMNIGERIA was released last month from detention over another rape case.

“He has been arrested twice in the past over rape cases. The police detained them, but we don’t know how the case will go. The rape took place on the 18th/19th of November 2023. They raped her all through the night.

“The mother of the boy with two rape cases, that was just released from police cell last month, has been calling the victim every day to beg on behalf of her son. While the wife of the second rapist came to the police station and openly told the police to send her husband to prison.

“That he is irresponsible. I am afraid money might change hands, and these rapists might be let off the hook again. I want justice for the rape victim. I will post the pictures and videos of the rapist tomorrow, including the picture of the one that is at large.

“The girl has gone for a comprehensive test, to see if any part of her body is damaged, or she has contracted STD. Because they raped her contentiously without a condom all through the night even with her menstrual flow.”

Adejobi also said: “The CP Imo has been on top of this matter. He was to take some action again today, but for the sad incident of the killing of the DPO and his orderly today (may their souls rest in peace).

“It’s strange to us as well that the DPO did not even inform the state command of the case. Some cases are not handled by division but by the state or Force CID, rape, armed robbery, and murder. It was just yesterday that we were aware that the division had been handling the case; this is unprofessional and unacceptable.

“The DPO and his officers involved have been subjected to investigation. Necessary action would be taken in the case, while those to be sanctioned would be adequately sanctioned. No reasonable officer or institution will support or cover such a case.

“We are on it, and we maintain that justice will be served. The other suspect is still in custody. We will monitor it until justice is served. We say no to rape, sexual abuse, and other gender-related crimes.”

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