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A concerned brother has approached members of the Advocate for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN), urging them to save his sister from abusive marriage.

According to him, his brother-in-law Olusegun used to beat his wife,  Deborah, black and blue, even though the marriage was blessed with four children.

The complainant feared that if steps were not taken to remove Deborah from the abusive relationship, she would be battered to death by her once-loving husband.

Below is verbatim of his message to ACVPN…

He writes: “In the quiet suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria, where the warm sun casts its golden glow on the streets, resides Deborah a once vibrant and ambitious hairstylist.

“Behind the cheerful façade of her well-manicured life, Deborah has been harbouring a secret for over two decades, a secret that has cast a dark shadow on her seemingly idyllic family life.

“Deborah’s story begins in 2002 when she found love in Olusegun a charming man with whom she decided to build a life. Their relationship blossomed, leading to the formalization of their union in 2003.

“Together, they embarked on the journey of parenthood, welcoming four beautiful children into their lives, the youngest of whom is now 11 years old.

“Despite the outward appearance of familial bliss, a silent storm has been brewing within the walls of Deborah’s home. The issue at the heart of her agony is the persistent abuse she endures at the hands of her once-loving partner.

“This abuse, both emotional and physical, has become a haunting presence, leaving scars not only on Deborah’s body but also on the very fabric of their family.

“The emotional abuse began subtly, an insidious undercurrent that emerged when Olusegun changed jobs to a less lucrative position a few years back.

“The strain of financial instability seemed to fan the flames of resentment within him, transforming their once harmonious relationship into a battleground of hurtful words and shattered dreams.

“Deborah, however, believed she could weather this storm, thinking that the occasional emotional turbulence would subside. Little did she know that the storm would escalate, and the winds of violence would blow with increasing frequency.

“It is challenging for Deborah to pinpoint when the physical abuse commenced. Like a slow poison, it seeped into her life, leaving her emotionally and physically battered.

“The abuse became a chilling constant, one that she initially believed she could handle because the incidents were spaced out over time. However, the tide turned in recent months, and the frequency of these brutal episodes has increased dramatically.

“As we approach the present day, the gravity of Deborah’s situation becomes painfully evident. Between September and the dawn of the new year on this fateful 4th of January, the unthinkable has occurred three times.

“The year ended with a horrifying crescendo on the 31st of December when Deborah found herself caught in the grip of violence once again.

“In the face of this harrowing reality, Deborah stands at a crossroads—a pivotal moment where silence is no longer an option. Her journey to freedom is paved with the courage to speak out, seek help, and break free from the chains of abuse that have bound her for far too long.

“Deborah’s case is a poignant reminder of the silent struggles faced by countless individuals behind closed doors. It serves as a call to action for human rights organizations to step forward, lend their compassionate support, and break the chains of silence that shackle victims of domestic violence.

“As we delve into Deborah’s story, let us not only empathize with her pain but also mobilize to create a world where love is free from the stains of abuse, and every individual has the right to live without fear in the sanctuary of their own home.

“Please help before my sister gets killed in her marriage.”


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