CP. Ogun State, Alamutu

The Ogun State Police Command on its XSpace has promised that justice would be served in the matter where a female soldier caused other soldiers to storm and attack a female trader.

The Ogun State states: “Justice will be served in this matter, the Commissioner of Police has been briefed. All parties involved would be brought before him tomorrow January 8th 2024, at the Headquarters.”

One Daddierooneey@daddierooneey, had written thus: “The military lady was with a male colleague who was calming her, and pleading to my wife when they left, people advised my wife to go report to the police station before my wife got back from the police station, the lady had called for reinforcement, and they scattered all our goods, they discovered they have been recorded by a boy they beat him, and they took him away, they later released him.  I don’t know if they have released the phone now.

“So on Saturday 23rd of December, I saw two policemen and two soldiers they came to our shop as I opened.  They asked where is my wife and I told them she was on her way to the shop because she had to take care of the kids, so they told me since she was not around the DPO wanted to see me, so I followed them.

“On getting there, the DPO’s first statement was you and your wife are going to jail, so I responded sir you are not being fair with us because my wife reported this case yesterday, that’s how he got mad at me saying how old are you to tell me I’m not being fair.

“The army commander started beating me in the presence of the DPO, and some policemen wanted to stop him from beating me the DPO told them to stay away, but there was a man among the police who insisted that the DPO should let the army take me away.

“My mother-in-law was there and she was begging them. So they asked me to write a statement and I did because I wasn’t part of the case. I was taken to the cell, and I asked them to let me make some calls, they declined, and they didn’t give me my phone.

“I was detained with my wife and our 10-month-old baby. My mom came to take away my baby on Sunday because she was coughing after spending the night on the floor.

“They released my wife on Tuesday 26th of December after spending three nights, I couldn’t access my phone until Wednesday 27th night after I was released. I insisted that I should be taken to court, but they denied me from seeing my family, and they kept extorting them because they kept telling them I would go to jail. After I was released I realised that my mother-in-law had spent over N300k for my release, they said the army card was missing from our shop and that she would need to go to Abuja for an affidavit to apply for another card.

“On Thursday 28th of December we were told to report at the station, at the entrance of the police station our phone was collected, on getting there my wife was asked to sign an affidavit which was prepared by the police. So, she signed the document under duress.

“I went to the State police headquarters in Eleweran on Wednesday 3rd of January to report the DPO,  before I got back on Wednesday the DPO summoned my in-law and he kept threatening them, saying he only tried to help me and I was using it against him.

“He threatened them and told them that the PPRO that I had gone to report to a junior officer and there is nothing I can achieve, and I was told he said since I had chosen that route he would use the army to get at me. Since then, I’ve been living in fear. Now my mother-in-law is afraid to talk.”

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