President Tinubu

 … Promises To Improve Pension, Severance Package Of Retired Police Officers

Juliana Francis

The President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, today 5th of March 2024, has implored Nigerians not to lose faith in the government over the hardship currently being experienced across the nation.


The President made this call at the launch of the Nigeria Police Force Veterans’ Foundation, held at the corporate headquarters of the Police Service Commission, Abuja.


This was also when he promised to improve the pension and severance package of retired Police Officers.


According to him, he knew there was an insecurity challenge in the country, and was not unmindful of the fact that prices of food and other commodities were skyrocketing, but “I am not disconcerted, neither have I reneged and will not renege on my promise to Nigerians during the electioneering campaigns of renewing their hopes in Nigeria.”


He revealed that concrete efforts and measures are already underway to tackle and contain threats and issues of insecurity in Nigeria.


He said: “Also, strategies have been emplaced and activated towards stabilising the economy and ensuring there is food security in the country. I, therefore, exhort all to be patient with us.

“I can assure Nigerians that there remains a whole spectrum of appropriate responses; from reaction, rebuilding, robust engagement to other interventions as circumstances might demand, all aimed at making Nigeria great again.  For all that remains to be done and must be done, we are to note that the achievements so far remain significant, and we are ever poised to fulfil our promises to Nigerians and renew the people’s hope and faith in our dear country.”


Speaking with emphasis on the launch of the Police Veterans’ Foundation, President Tinubu promised thus: “

As the President of our dear country, I will not only give my full support to the Veterans Foundation but will also ensure that such areas as improving the pension and severance package of retired Police Officers are immediately reviewed to reflect the enormity of their contributions and commitment to our country.

“Also, administrative processes towards issuance of an Executive Order will be immediately initiated to set aside a day, perhaps, 5th March, being today, the launch of the Veterans’ Foundation, or 1st April, being the date that the hitherto existing police forces of Northern and Southern provinces were amalgamated to form a unified Nigeria Police Force, as National Police and Veterans’ Day in Nigeria.”

“As the President of our dear country, I will not only give my full support to the Veterans Foundation but will also ensure that such areas as improving the pension and severance package of retired Police Officers are immediately reviewed to reflect the enormity of their contributions and commitment to our country.”


The President, who expressed pleasure in being among those partaking in the epoch-making ceremony, noted that the retired police officers have risked their lives for the peace and security of Nigeria.


Describing the retired policemen and women as people of valour and nobility, Tinubu said that they deserved his respect and the gratitude of Nigeria.


According to him, the Nigeria Police Force was not only a critical symbol of state legitimacy but also the lead agency in Nigeria’s internal security architecture.


He noted that the sacrifice and commitment of Police personnel contributed in no mean measure to keeping the citizens safe and guaranteeing a stable national democratic order.

He added: “This is under Section 14 (2) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, which states that, ‘the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government’. Unfortunately, during their onerous, challenging and high-risk service to our dear country which stretches through 35 years in service or 60 years of age, many officers are known to face health complications, lifetime as well as physical and emotional traumas after retirement.

“This is compounded by the demanding nature and ethical requirements of their jobs which barely allow them time and space to prepare for life after service.”


The President stated that the conceptualization of the Police Veterans’ Foundation which had crystalised to its launch, was not only thoughtful but a great initiative.


He therefore saluted the brains behind the idea and laudable project, which aimed at improving the welfare of the Police retirees and renewing their hopes to live out their lives in dignity and comfort.


He further said: “Supporting and assisting the Police veterans is rather a moral imperative, nay obligatory on government at all levels, including well-meaning members of the society.

“I must acknowledge that without these veterans, Nigeria would have no doubt descended into a Hobbesian state of nature where life is brutish, nasty and short; and only the fittest and strongest survive.

“We are further reminded that the idea of citizenship carries with it a sense of responsibility and patriotic duty. It is incumbent on us, therefore, to acknowledge the efforts, heroism and sacrifice made by those who gave them all that we may have peace and security in Nigeria.


“One of such responsibilities is supporting and sustaining the Police Veterans’ Foundation to enable the attainment of its noble objectives of giving a better life and hopes to our Police retired officers that will cushion the effects and burdens of post-service challenges.

“To complement these initiatives, I have been assured that the Force leadership is also pursuing a set of actions to prepare officers for a better retirement life.

“These actions encompass healthcare provisions, financial planning support, and specialized training to equip officers with skills that transcend their active service, thereby fostering a smoother transition to retirement.

“This multifaceted approach underscores our commitment to not only recognise but also to actively contribute to their sustained well-being throughout their entire career and beyond.”


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