The Nigeria Police Force is pleased to inform the general public of the launch of a new, more robust, and secure domain for reporting cybercrime-related offences as part of the continued commitment to combating cybercrime and enhancing the safety and security of our digital space.


The new reporting platform, managed by the NPF National Cybercrime Centre (NPF-NCCC), can be accessed at: [https://nccc.npf.gov.ng/ereport/signin]. This upgraded domain replaces the previous site [https://incb.npf.gov.ng] which must be discarded.

The upgraded domain includes enhanced security measures to protect user information and ensure confidentiality and is user-friendly for easy and efficient reporting of cybercrime incidents. It also includes improved tracking and response mechanisms to ensure timely and effective action on reported cases.

The Inspector General of Police urges all members of the public to utilize this new platform for reporting any cybercrime activities as vigilance and prompt reporting can significantly contribute to police efforts in tackling the menace of cybercrime in Nigeria, and even beyond.

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