To ensure free flow of traffic and a total clampdown on commercial buses operating illegal garages and parks on Bridges and Roundabouts across the State, the Enforcement Unit of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) over the weekend impounded 20 commercial vehicles at Apongbon Bridge and Ikorodu Roundabouts.

The General Manager of the Authority, Mr Bolaji Oreagba, while speaking on the enforcement exercise, said the illegal activities of the owners of the commercial buses and cars on bridges and roundabouts across the state contravene the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018.

He stated further that it was nauseating seeing these commercial bus drivers constituting public nuisances by operating illegally on Bridges and Roundabouts thereby causing avoidable traffic gridlock and inconveniencing other motorists and road users.

Oreagba revealed that the Enforcement Unit of the Authority had to embark on the exercise at Apongbon Bridge and Ikorodu Roundabouts after the recalcitrant drivers who do not want to operate within government-designated garages and parks across the State failed to comply with several warnings issued to them.

He noted that the Authority will not rest on his oars on curbing illegal activities of the unruly commercial bus and car operators as the present administration was expending huge resources on constructing standard Bus Terminals in every part of the State.

He added: “We would continue to ensure free flow of traffic movement around Bridges and Roundabouts across the State by scaling up our enforcement and clampdown operations on these stubborn commercial buses operating illegal parks, garages and car mart in the State.”

The Head of the Enforcement Unit of LASTMA, Mr Odunuga Olukayode, stated that the Agency was committed to continuing to clamp down on the nefarious activities of disobedient commercial vehicle operators until zero tolerance on illegal garages and parks is achieved across the State.

Olukayode also revealed that the arrested drivers of the 20 impounded commercial buses have been fined N100k each after they all pleaded guilty to their charges when they were arraigned before a Mobile Court.

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